Day 12 - Shopping Spree

A collage today
and what a day!
I met with a good friend to enjoy a shopping spree
and to have a salad lunch out!

We both wanted to go to a shoe shop.
I managed to find some elegant shoes with a lovely low wedge heel
for my son's wedding next month!
I also found a wonderful little bag in material
made by a very creative and gifted crafts-lady.
She was showing her beautiful creations in a downtown exhibition and sale.
Finding comfortable sandals was also important
for when my court shoes start to maybe pinch a little on the evening of the wedding.

Don't you love the dainty crocheted necklace
made by another artist?
I was wondering if I could make one of those myself!

So today I feel happy,
but also exhausted!
All those hills to walk up and down in the city of Lausanne!

Now it's time to rest and relax
and an early night for sure!


  1. Your day sounds like such fun, Sandra--shopping with a friend, a nice lunch, a beautiful day :) And how exciting that your son is getting married--and how smart to buy a comfortable shoe... I made the mistake of buying heels for my son's wedding last October and could barely make it through the ceremony they were so uncomfortable. I ended up dancing bare-footed--lesson learned!!

    I'm sure you could make those pretty necklaces yourself--give it a try :)

    1. Yes, it really was a fun day, thank you, Carol! I do so agree that comfortable shoes are so important! On the other hand, dancing bare-footed could be fun too - if nobody steps on your toes!
      Yes, those crocheted necklaces were so pretty. I couldn't resist the one I chose, but I will give very small flowers a try. I don't usually use such a fine cotton and tiny crochet hook!

  2. I love the sandals! I probably wouldn't have gotten them in grey (if possible) but they are just my cup of tea!

    1. Thanks, Marjan! I love grey and it goes with many things that I wear! Don't you love that tiny crocheted necklace? It so charming and the exhibition was full of all sorts of lovely hand-crafted things!

  3. What a wonderful collage Sandra. Gosh, can't believe the wedding is so close now! I hope it's a fabulous day for all concerned. You will certainly look very elegant with the accessories you've chosen. LOVE the look of those sandals.

    Great fun to go shopping in the city with a friend and have lunch out to make the most of the day.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hello Sarn! Always so nice to have you visit! Yes, the wedding is looming close now and I already have my train ticket to get into the mountains! Glad you like the accessories to go with my wedding outfit! Those fancy sandals are SO comfortable and I'm sure I shall be glad to slip into them at some point in time!
      We had a lovely day out yesterday which was so productive too! Thank you!

  4. What a fun day shopping with a friend! I'm so glad you found the perfect wedge-heal shoes for the wedding. Sounds like you're just about all set for the special day! Good idea about the sandals. Our feet do get tired!

    1. Thanks, Cathy, for catching up on my recent blog postings! Yes, comfortable feet are happy feet!