Walk with me...

Join me on my walk to enjoy this golden November

Dancing to November's tune

Yet spring is already there contained in each tightly furled bud

how do those leaves feel, look at them shine in the late afternoon sun...
Ah! The beautiful beech tree

and the new crescent moon is rising in the late afternoon sky... what a lovely walk, just you and me! Isn't it wonderful to be able to see?

Heartfelt joy

Shades of love

The autumn leaves transform to show us their never-ending beauty. They know that their brothers, the catkins, will soon be in the spotlight to brave the winter winds and snow for yet another spring.

Misty sunlight

Enjoying the play of light and feeling the soft fallen leaves under my feet

Dancing with petals

It's so lovely to be back to dance with joyful petals in the gentle November light! Can you feel the rhythm?

"We, the rustling leaves..."

"We, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms, but who are you so silent?" 

"I am a mere flower."

Where are we going?

"Where are we going?" said the autumn leaves as they clung onto the railings

"You're going back home" said Mother Earth kindly. "Just let go, all is well!"

Unfurling petals

This month of November is particularly warm and sunny and the little roses on my miniature rose-tree are still blooming and bringing me much pleasure.

Walking through my neighbourhood, I came across some very beautiful pink roses shining forth an inner light.

Conversations with beechnuts

There is nothing quite like entering into communication with nature. 

From bud to seed

On one of my recent walks at the beginning of this month of November, I came across an amazing plant with all stages of the plant's cycle apparent. They were all so astonishingly beautiful that I am able to relate the story in pictures here:

Such is the message of Nature as we observe the different cycles from bud to seed. Those seeds which will scatter and fall in the earth to start all over again. Herein lies the message: let life events take their course and then start anew. 
Each dusk contains within its shadowy cloak a new dawn waiting to be born.

Too beautiful not to share...

The gorgeous colours of nature are changing every day and I follow each moment of their transformation in awe.
Tulip Tree leaves framing a pine tree against the blue November sky
Fiery red
and sunlit yellow and green
Beech leaves and
beech nuts
outstretched branches and
the Tulip Tree in all its golden glory