So glad you dropped in!

Shall we go into my garden?

The geraniums are blooming so nicely still

Aren't the details astonishing?
I love the mixture of pink and orange!

The wind-chimes tell me when there is a breeze on a hot day.
I'm so lucky to see all these cheerful colours from my office.

Here's the Buddleia in front of my window
It's a very young plant and quite new this year
It will make the butterflies and bees happy!

Do you like the deep blue-purple tone with the orange centres?

The shape of each flower is so unusual when seen up close

I had to show you this slightly blurred shot taken through the window.
Have you ever seen this amazing and incredibly rapid creature?
It's the Hummingbird Hawk Moth.
He hums and he hovers as he seeks his nourishment from the flowers.

This is a September rose on a plant I was given for Mother's Day!
Would you like to sit down for a moment?

Just there, next to the freshly planted heather.

They are such elusive little flowers and difficult to capture on my camera.

The hydrangea is blooming for a second time this year.

Shall we go for a walk and come back for tea later?
I know a place very nearby. We cross the bridge just across the road.
Come and see!
Click on the link below:

It felt very spring-like, didn't it?
Shall we go home for that cup of tea?
Do you like Peppermint or do you prefer Lemon Verbena?
I also have green tea and coffee.

Would you like to take the chair facing the trees in the small park?
These are my bigger wind-chimes with a deeper tone,
they are just next to the kitchen door from where I can see the daisies
and the lavender and my herb garden.

The herbs are hanging up to dry for the winter months:
thyme and rosemary.

Don't they smell good?
I must give you some to take home!

Can you smell the lavender from your chair?

Can you believe that these dainty daisies and the Lobelia have been blooming
the whole summer through and still doing so now?

Some chrysanthemums to decorate our table.

Hasn't this been a lovely long visit?
I've so enjoyed having you!
I shall be away for a little while, but you must come again in October!

Allowing space

Allowing space.
This is an interesting subject since space 
can be created by anything - and not just the sky
or a vast expanse of water.
In this picture a house covered in leaves, I noticed how this green space
created a focal point for the two little windows and my eyes were drawn towards them.

The space of this concrete wall allows the hanging leaves to to break the horizontal lines
and to add a welcome touch of colour.
The wall enhances the leaves as a neutral backdrop.

I like this moody sunset sky which makes the silhouettes of the
house, chimney and trees jump out and take on a new importance.

The plain green background created by vegetation really shows up the
spiky shape of the cone flower.

The dove stands out like a paper cut-out, thanks to all the space around it. 

This is the entrance to my building passing in front of the garages.
I love the way the Weigela  bush has grown across the wall 
and part of the garage door.

This composition is one of my favourites because of the
 slighty surrealistic element. The tree shadow seems to be slipping behind
the blue curtain of the sky!
I was returning from my early morning walk and crossing the park and saw
the shadow of a tall tree reflected on the wall of a building in the sun.
The fact that I also took in some of the sky created extra space
for the partial tree shadow.

This gorgeous September sky as backdrop to an equally beautiful yellow flower!

I am joining Kat and others in this exercise of  "Allowing Space"  here:


Orange, yellow or red,  these flowers called 'Capucines' in French
or Nasturtiums in English
have been the stars of my garden this year.
Their wonderful detail and delicate perfume take my breath away!

I saved the seed-pods for next year and picked the last blooms
to put in my favourite circular vase.

August heart-connection

The orange and yellow nasturtiums in the window-box move very slightly
in the early-morning breeze, bringing their sweet fragrance
to where I am sitting.
As I move back and forth from the kitchen to the balcony
to prepare my table for breakfast,
I can smell the delicious plants in my herb garden
as the sun caresses their outstretched leaves:
mint, rosemary and thyme -
which I use all the year round and hang them up in bunches
 to dry for the winter months.

Why do I feel so connected to this simple, homely scene?
Well, I feel the peacefulness by just being here.
I like the airiness of it, the green I can see of the trees beyond,
and the connection I feel with my flowers and plants.

Most early mornings in August, before the heat comes up,
 I start the day with a walk.
The air is still fresh and I can step up my speed
 and feel the good it is doing to my whole body.
On the way home, I buy some bread from one of the local baker's.

I have to show you, just for the sheer golden crunchiness of it!
Ah! Continental bread!

Won't you join me for Sunday morning breakfast?
There is plenty of coffee in the pot for two and there is home-made strawberry jam
and 'Bonne Maman' bitter orange marmalade.
The butter is salty of course... it adds just a little something special
to that fresh crunchy bread!
I'm going to fill a little vase with flowers for the table like I always do
Ring the front door bell twice so I know it's you...
I love having company!

Joining Kat and others for the August Photo-Heart Connection here: