Dill flower breathing in the sky

The Herb Garden

Macerating St. John's Wort

Here are the picked flowers of St. John's Wort which are macerating
in a cold-pressed pure olive oil.
The glass jar is put in a sunny spot on my balcony for thirty days.
Each day the jar is shaken.
The mixture turns a dark reddish colour after this.
Then it is filtered and kept in dark coloured bottles for future use.

This preparation is appreciated for muscular or joint pains.
Regular runners rub this oil into their legs before and/or after running.

View on the hills and St. John's Wort

The hills above where I live are full of wild flowers.
 St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) flowers were still blooming
and I gathered a lot of the bright yellow flowers to macerate them
in olive oil and take energy from the sun every day for thirty days.

Then the oil is filtered and kept in dark coloured bottles in a cupboard until needed.
The prepared oil can be used to treat bruises, inflammation and muscle pain and even burns.

Chicory flower and little visitors

Yellow flower and chocolate cupcake

Dancing water fountains

Chocolate perfumed Cosmos

zinnia and a bumble bee

Peaceful lake and mountains

Morning Glory

Early morning sun on woodland path

St. John's Wort