Follow what moves you!

"Find a way

to express

what moves you."
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Let your passions guide you

and follow the path which opens before you.

Once Upon a Midnight Blue

Little children gather round
Snuggle up without a sound
Look above at the sky so blue
Telling stories for me and you!

See the delicate silhouettes

and the branches
 drawing lines across the sky
waiting for the notes to play them.

The pine trees tingle in anticipation

and the atmosphere intensifies!

The scene is set
Let the story begin!

"Once upon a midnight blue..."

Beyond the golden mist

As often as I can,
I leave the confines of the town
to get out into the country.
Yesterday, I was greeted by a golden  mist!

The surrounding fields and hills and mountains
were hidden from view.
Yet the sun, which was so close,
gave a lovely golden glow to everything.

The snow barriers are still up,
but so far this winter, they have just received sunshine and a little night frost!

A farm comes into view
and I like the pictures that the sun and mist are painting.
I enjoy them just as they are
without wanting to see beyond.

So it is in life,
I sometimes put up protective barriers
 for things that never happen.
I want to see clear pictures
of what lies ahead
I like to feel reassured.

Yet somehow,
the mist told me
All is well
and just as it should be
and I could tell that the hazy views
were filled with sunshine just waiting to come through.

when we can't see clearly
it's good just to wait
and be with that moment
until the whole picture comes into view!

The Sound of Silence

A candle flickers
 on my work table

A crochet hook
in a silent, repetitious rhythm

and curtain shadows
dance on the walls
in rays of sun

The window handle
sits in a froth of  net curtains
There is stillness
and quiet contemplation.

No music, no television blaring, no one talking
Just listening to the sound of silence
and bathing in its velvety fullness
creating harmony and plenitude.

Crochet pattern here

Creating Space

A new year
with new ideas!

After spending the whole month of December
photographing simplicity

I realized the need
to create more space
in my home, in myself and in my life!

It can start so simply

and as a reminder,
I embroidered my chosen word for this year:

S I M P L I F Y!

What about you?
Have you been thinking about new ideas
for your own life this year?