Flowery Interlude


The flowers everywhere have been stunning
and I wanted to remember some of the beauties I have encountered
on my walks and outings.
This orange dahlia was growing along the lake.

I came across this huge bloom on one of my early morning walks in the neighbourhood.

Such a dark red with petals like velvet

A fresh white Cosmos blowing in the breeze.

Big and beautiful Rudbeckia and tiny Signet Marigolds.

Bright yellow Zinnia

A Dahlia starting to unfold its central petals

Another Dahlia in the morning sun with a profusion of generous petals

Some fresh green maple leaves looking very springlike before autumn
brings in shades of orange and red.

Curvy petals and the perfumed beauty of a rose growing not far away from home.

White Zinnia, Rudbeckia, yellow Zinnia and ornamental leaves down by the lake.
The colour harmonies in the flower beds along the lake in Lausanne-Ouchy
were fresh and luminous is shades of yellow with touches of white.

They looked rather pale and uninteresting at the beginning of the season,
but then they exploded into a very joyful looking sight
and it was a pleasure to see them as I walked along the lake.

Closer to home, on my early morning or evening walks, I love to see the Japanese
Anemone blooming in the late summer.

The buds are so pretty too.

A sure sign of autumn are the Golden Rod which start blooming in August
and continue into September. 
The bees just love them.

Dahlias come in the most beautiful colour combinations

I do like the white tips of the petals on this one.

I saved this one for my last photo today.
I do love the curly central petals, the tightly folded centre and that little bee.

Without going abroad or on a longer holiday this year,
I've chosen to remain in Switzerland because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This has encouraged me to make interesting and beautiful little escapades not far from home.

Next time, I'll be showing my September getaway in the vineyards
in the beautiful Lavaux area, not far from Lausanne at all.

Skies and Mountain Silhouettes

More photos from Lavey-les-Bains following the first part here:

Pine Branches against a late summer sky.
There were many beautiful trees in the grounds of the hotel.

Colourful fluffy clouds and birds flying high before the morning sun hit the mountain range.

The sun is arriving

At last the rich colours start to show as the sun illuminates the higher peaks.

So many interesting clouds at different times of the day.
I liked these in pink and gold.

Sitting on a bench in the grounds to read my book-
It's called : 'Standing in the Rainbow' by Fannie Flagg.
A charming story of people and their connections with each other in a small town
called Elmwood Springs in Missouri, U.S.A.

I'm also crocheting rainbows to make a garland and here are the first three!

I saw this hollowed out tree trunk full of treasures from nature

The mountains are extremely steep in some parts
and I prefer to admire them from afar rather than climb them!
Watching the sunset from the hotel room

and getting a last glimpse of an illuminated tip of a mountain,
the Dent de Morcles
which can also be seen in the preceeding blog entry.

These beautiful white flowers were in hanging terracotta pots along the covered terrace.

Just for fun!
As I passed a metal sculpture in the hotel on my way to the spa,
I had to laugh at my deformed image!

I think my next blog entry may be about flowers
there are still so many beauties blooming in this late summer period before autumn sets in.

Mountains, Relaxation and the River

Towards the end of August, it seemed the perfect time to take a little break.
We chose to go to a place we have been before: Lavey-les-Bains
in the Valais. It's a spa establishment which offers different treatments.
The water in the various pools is naturally heated and has curative properties.
It's less than an hour away by train from Lausanne.

The Rhône River runs in the valley in-between two mountain ranges.
We took this meandering path to enjoy the sights.

The waters are very rapid even though the level of the water was very low
due to lack of rain.

This is the view of the tip of a mountain called the Dent de Morcles.
I took this shot from the bridge to get a more extensive view.

It looks very impressive in a silhouetted form against the blue of the sky.
Don't you think it looks like a big bird stretching its wings?

Or with just the illuminated tip showing at sunset.
We experienced some beautiful clouds in the early morning and and in the evenings.

A crescent moon peeps through the branches of a pine tree in front of the hotel room.

More colourful clouds reminding me of unfurling waves.

The hotel is set in a lovely park full of trees offering us welcome shade.

A closer, partial, view of the hotel with the outside terrace for eating.

This wispy cloud in the shape of a heart brings me joy.

I took so many photos during our little getaway that this will be the first part
of several blog entries, probably three in all. 

I feel it's preferable to make shorter entries with a manageable number of photographs. 
I'll be posting a bit more often.

September is round the corner.
I love the cooler days and beautiful lighting during this month.

Between Sunrise and Sunset

In-between two bouts of heatwave, it was decided to have an overnight stay by the lake.
The sunrise sky was so beautiful in the early morning.
We went out walking at 5.45 am in the delicious freshness of that time of day.
The street lamps were still lit.

A swan was enjoying this marvellous moment of the day as much as I was.

The rising sun hit the landing stage and created beautiful reflections.

A bit later in the morning, after breakfast on the outside terrace, we walked in the lakeside park
under the welcome shade of the huge trees.
It was lovely to observe the beauty of the environment and flocks of birds
flying across the sky in their hundreds.
I was unable to identify the birds.
I was wondering if they could be Cormerants.

Here they are again
Flying very high above the mountain peaks.
Click on the photos to see things in more detail when enlarged.

The port of Morges and the beautiful Mont Blanc mountain.

The atmosphere on the lake changes constantly. 
This lighting makes me think of a watercolour painting.

The lakeside Dahlias are stunning and there are so many varieties and colours.

This bright pink one caught my eye as well.

Sunset over the Mont Blanc.
Such peace.

I have been making fewer blog entries lately, mostly because of our heat
which seems to make everything a huge effort!
I have decided however, to increase my blog entries and just make them shorter.
I know that it's often discouraging to wade through too many photos
and especially too many words!

It was so beautiful by the lake and we prolonged our stay by one night!

Now we are experiencing yet another heatwave and going out in the early mornings
is the only comfortable time of the day.