30 Days of Compostion: 16-30

Day 16
What's leaving the frame?

Showing only part of our subject can be very intriguing
and I do very much like the expanse of negative space.

What's leaving the space on my embroidery scissors?

Day 17
Creating Depth

By setting my focus on the pebbles in the foreground,
I create depth on the blue and white material in the background.

Day 18
Create movement.

The fountain in the park creates the movement,
both in the stream of water coming down, the splashes
and the concentric circles.

More movement

This little family cycling in the countryside where I was walking.
The little fellow in the front was pedalling nineteen to the dozen!

Day 19
Perfectly aligned.

This doesn't only mean things all lined up in a row. 
The photographic example given was that of 'harmonious composition'
and how not to have conflicting elements in the frame which could make for confusing viewing.

I find that the whole scene of greens and that gentle blue sky work so well together,
but what I really like is the soft zig-zag of hedges leading us to a lone tree on the hill.
Also, if you look at the foreground of hedges and trees,
they lead our eye up to the small chalet in the distance.

Day 20
Deliberately discordant

In contrast to the image above, the fallen basket of yarn and odd crocheted samples
seems rather inharmonious.

Day 21
Square format

The square shape of this house in my neighbourhood
seemed to fit into the square format very well.

Day 22
Single focal point.

I set the focus on the geranium buds on my balcony
and allowed the leaves to provide a soft green background.

Day 23
Tiny subject

I think that this one is my favourite. I do love tiny things and this little crystal angel
seemingly flying through the air fitted so well into her sparkly, starry sky!

Day 24
Complementary colours.

On the colour wheel, complementary colours are those opposite each other
like red and green above.

More complementary colours seen at my local Farmer's Market.

Green and red vegetables,
but also purple aubergines (eggplant) and purple chicory
and the complementary light and bright yellow of the peppers.

Day 25

Monochrome doesn't only mean black and white (or different shades of grey),
it can also means subjects and background in the same colour.
These are some yellow chrysanthemums taken on a background of  similar yellow material.
Day 26

Meaning of abstract:
Relating to or denoting something that does not attempt to represent external reality,
but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours and textures.

Day 27

Plenty of repetition here with the steps themselves,
the repeated patterns of shadows and the railings.

Day 28

The curve in this path of the rock garden can be seen to form an s-curve.

Day 29
Eye Contact

The easiest way of obtaining this was by taking a self-portrait in a mirror in my home!

Day 30
Break the rules.

Some rules, like not having our main subject right in the middle of the frame,
can be easily broken when harmony is retained.
A country path,  right in the middle of the frame, flanked by trees, can create a harmonious image.

This is the last part of my 30 Days of Composition.
I have really enjoyed creating them.

30 Days of Composition: 1-15

Day 1: Viewpoint

Sometimes a different point of view allows us to notice details
 that take on another dimension or importance. 
This is the back view of the biggest steam boat on Lake Léman in Ouchy.
I love how huge the Swiss flag looks and how the water is starting to churn up
 and the steam rises as the boat leaves the port.

Day 2: Framing

I had to find a way of interpreting this inside as the weather was windy and rainy.
Luckily, I had a little box with a shiny base which allowed my Dahlia bloom
to be framed three times.

Day 3: Negative Space

I love using this kind of composition which allows us to really notice the subject
without any distracting clutter.
This is a young lavender stalk from one of my lavender plants
 which is blooming for a second time this summer.

Day 4: Diagonals

They bring a really dynamic element into the frame and seem to shout:
"Look at me!"
I love diagonals in architecture.

Day 5: Rule of thirds

It's about keeping our main subjects in the upper or lower right
or upper or lower left of our frame.
This creates visual harmony.

Day 6: Leading lines

These really pull us forward into the image to notice the elements where the lines
converge. In this case it's the Lausanne Cathedral on the other side of the bridge.

More Leading Lines.

I wanted to add this sideways capture of an escalator just because I like the abstract
dimension and the way our eyes are also pulled into the lines in a rather fascinating way!

Day 7: Symmetry

This one rather speaks for itself.
 I like the early morning lighting which created the soft blue colour.

Day 8: Filling the frame

This is a beautiful way of coming in really close to our subject so that we can appreciate 
each small detail, like the curly petals and stamens of this yellow Dahlia.

Filling the frame with a beautiful Gaillardia bloom

Day 9: Odd numbers

This is a house in my neighbourhood covered in Virginia Creeper.
We can just see the three windows on the top floor.

Day 10: Balance

I enjoyed creating a still life image of cherry tomatoes and using the rule of thirds.
The main subject is the two tomatoes in the foreground, balanced by the glass dish
of tomatoes,
 purposely out of focus so it doesn't enter into competition with the main subject
in the foreground.

Day 11: Abstract patterns

I enjoy noticing abstracts and patterns in the world around me.
I went downtown to capture the glass walls of a modern building
and took the photo on the diagonal because it seemed more interesting that way.

Day 12: No foreground

This prompt felt a little awkward to me because I do love foregrounds
with soft backgrounds.
I photographed an angel decoration with a crystal butterfly.
I thought that it would be rather flat and boring on its own, so I added a corner of
my decorative mirror.
It's true that three things within this frame makes it more interesting.

Day 13: Circular

I had to think about this one - and imagined that taking one of my camera lenses
and holding it in front of the Begonias on my balcony
would make a fun and interesting shot!

Day 14: Form or Shape

I love the harmonious rounded shape of the weather vane down by the lake.
This shape is echoed in the granite rock on the left.
We can also see the soft shapes of the mountains in the background
and the shapes of the rocks which are part of the port.

Day 15: Texture

This is the trunk of a Plane Tree and I do enjoy how the bark of these trees peels off showing
different textures and colours.
This looks like a bark butterfly.

Texture: a larger part of the Plane Tree trunk.

I have really been inspired to create images which express the daily prompts in the best way possible.
Next time, I will post the next fifteen interpretations of the daily prompts.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

London 2019 - Covent Garden

Something colourful to start with this last blog entry on London this year.
Our hotel is so nicely placed out of the centre, yet so close to get to
our favourite haunts, like Covent Garden.

I like to visit Neale's Yard and especially this lovely place to stock up on some
natural oils and creams.

There are many decorated pubs with fabulous hanging baskets of flowers.

Looking up!

There's always some kind of animation going on in Covent Garden
the fascinated crowds are drawn in to watch.

This is the covered area with small shops and places to eat and drink and free concerts.

Hanging baskets adorn the streets

One building is cleverly decorated in climbing plants

A classical building in a street called
King Street.

One of our favourite stops: Paul's boulangerie and patisserie.
They serve good coffee and different kinds of French bread
and some of the cakes and tarts are very tempting.
Our favourite is apple tart topped with a sprinkling of almond flakes.

We took quite a long walk on foot to visit the Museum of London
and I did enjoy the lovely reflections in the modern buildings on the way.

We passed these two men practicing their climbing skills on a high building.
Rather an unexpected scene to see!

One evening we went to the theatre to see the musical "The Phantom of the Opera"
with wonderful music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

When you visit London, going to the theatre is a must!

I love walking through the small gardens dotted around London
and seeing the colourful seasonal flowers in bloom.

Two girls chatting in the grass behind some flowers which served to protect
their privacy.

The window in my hotel room. I always appreciate being on the garden side of the building
This was taken early morning after the sun started to filter between the leaves
of the trees and the morning breeze blew the sheer curtains back and forth, 
creating a feeling of peace.

This is the end of my time in England this year.

Next time, I'll talk about the month of August in which I participated in
30 Days of Composition.
Such fun to do!