Coming Back to Simplicity

Wheat fields and fluffy clouds

and tender petalled poppies
as I immerse myself in the simplicity of line, colour and texture
and much more...

Little upright red flowers
playing soldiers in a forest of stalks
and striding to a destination only known to them!

Hold an armful of daisies to your heart
Whisper the name "Marguerite" to their yellow centres
and they will smile back at you.

Swish, swish goes the field of wheat
in the galloping wind as I pass by.

The last of the rapeseed flowers
and layer upon layer of green loveliness
tenderly caressed by a pastel-blue sky above the sea of dancing wheat.

The fragrance of the lilac came upon me on the wind
enchanting me when I followed my nose
to discover its hiding place.

Sweet wild growing forget-me-nots
reminding me of those who no longer journey with me, but who reside in my heart.

A last glance towards the farm
nestled among green fields and overlooking the mountains.

The simplest things are the best
as they remind me of the true values of life -
away from the competitive, often superficial and material side
of our existence.

This is the age of reality shows, social networks
of mobile mania
of being the best at everything
and letting everyone else know!

What happened to life in the slow lane
when just being was enough?

Contentment in the moment
because we are actually living it
and not in a state of preoccupation for past experiences
nor galloping towards some unknown future
which doesn't actually exist,  except in our minds!

How do you get back to simplicity?
Do you have your secrets
that you whisper to the wind?

I do!

A Blue Velvet Cloak

I wrap myself in the blue velvet cloak 
of an early morning sky before sunrise.
The deep blue speaks to all my senses, calm, beautiful
full of promise of another new day.
The light reflections in the water glimmer brightly
foraging for treasures beneath the surface.

I hasten my step to get to a place where I can see the lightening sky
without obstacles.
As I approach the spot, the sky is being repainted
in shades of soft yellow and orange tinged with pink.

Tones of blue take over
and the water, not wanting to be left out,
proudly reflects the sky
adding a few ripples which makes the whole scene come alive
like a moving film.

The scene increases in drama
and I hold my breath at the sheer beauty
as the slideshow of the sky seems to accelerate.

Just like me,
two water birds look expectantly towards the horizon

The movements in the water
ondulate to a secret rhythm only known to them.
Far away, golden trumpets announce the arrival of the sun.

The silence is astounding
and the first golden rays of the sun ease themselves over the dip
in the mountains beyond,
creating a pale ribbon of sparkling light across the water.
A small boat slides silently across my line of vision.

I witness the birth of a new day
and I feel a surge of energy grow within me which tingles joyfully
in the tips of my fingers right down to my toes.

I feel renewed.

Sharing my experience of Visual Journaling with you.

If you are interested in learning more,
check out this link HERE
to Kim Manley Ort's website.

Bringing You Blossom!

For friends and followers and new visitors too

Blossoms in May

just for you!

Delicate petals in shades of pink

speaking of tenderness

A confetti of petals beneath the trees

and a special message for the tenth of May!

It's lovely to take a break and it's great to be back!