When city life seems drab
and noisy and grey

I take a bus or a train to contemplate
the beauties that are not far away at all.

although I live in the city
the mountains and the lake call out to me.

It is here that I come to resource myself
and it's best to choose a sunny day.

A little sailing boat glides over the calm water

and in the small port in the lakeside town of Vevey,
I love to stare at the reflections in the water.

Green and blue
the shapes change with the moving surface of the water.

A swan preens its feathers

and looks into the depth of the water

until a mate comes along.

a last look towards this end of  Lake Léman

and as I look at the sparkles on the water
I take home wonderful memories
of a sunny day by the lake
and find once again
my inner serenity. 

The town of Vevey is where I lived when I first came to Switzerland.
It is barely a 15-minute train journey from where I live now
in the city of Lausanne.

A journey into abstracts

Seeing abstracts is like turning off the switch of recognition
as we enter a world of impressions

Curves and straight lines and colour
and depth given by the space in-between.
We stop wanting to interpret

and let ourselves be amazed and touched by the unexpected.

The simplest of shapes and textures
become a lesson in visual harmony.

Shadows and solid objects intermingle and create flow.

Reflections create surreal scenes that tell us stories of the unknown.

For me,
abstracts create a journey scattered with mystery and delight
I love not knowing where they will take me next.

Photo-Heart Connection: January

The countryside is my favourite place to be.
I love the sweet smell, the open air
and being able to see the sky and the fields 
unhindered by city buildings.

Recently, when I was out walking in the country after rain,
I noticed how beautiful the puddles were with their mesmerizing reflections.
The wind was blowing gently and creating ripples on the surface of the water,
breaking up the reflections and creating abstract images.

I felt an immediate connection to these watery images
I could feel Nature's vibrations tingling with aliveness
and waking up every sense in my whole being.

Who would have thought they could touch me so?
They possess an art form all of their own
and allow me to step into another dimension
like a breath of fresh air!

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