Wherever you are

A shining star on my window
reminding me that from today
the days are getting longer!

A new wreath has been created and put on my door
to welcome all who come my way.

May the sparkle I have woven in,
bring the sparkle back to someone's eyes.

and may the softness of the yarn
offer some softness in a passing moment.

This angel  brings me music the whole year round
and just now, I like to listen to Christmas carols
as I prepare traditional treats.

Some home-made mincemeat made for mince pies
to be eaten from Christmas Eve onwards!

Time to take a break with a warm drink.
Won't you join me?

Wherever you are
Whatever your circumstances
Whatever your beliefs
May you be at peace with this moment
Just as it is.

For those whose families are scattered
and cannot be together,
My special thoughts go out to you.

Merry Christmas
Wherever you may be!

Slipping Simply into December

The luminous presence of a Hellebore

Another year is drawing to its end.
As I look back, I have been wondering how I could make my life simpler.
I have been musing on this for some time now.
How to simplify my everyday life.

In photography,
I often seek out visual simplicity.
Could I not do this in each moment - even when there seem to be so many things
demanding my attention?

When I look through the viewfinder of my camera,
I seek to strip away the superfluous and capture the essential.
I know what I want to include and what I wish to exclude.
I ask myself:
what draws me in?
What touches my heart?
Do I get an emotional response?
What goes deeper than just a pretty picture?

A tiny rosebud on my rose-bush, unable to open because of the cold
but which unfurled its tiny petals in the warmth of my apartment.

A rose,
is not just a rose
it's sometimes a little messenger
leading us to contemplation.

You may well ask,
why show a part of a crane?
Does it fit in with flowers and bells
and all things pretty?
Of course!
This image speaks to me, it draws me in
and lifts me up above the normal admiring attention I might give
to a classical and beautiful scene.
It carries me beyond the surface of beauty.
It makes me stop and observe for a long moment.
I see colours and shapes
I see balance 
I feel equilibrium.
There is something more to this than meets the eye.
It brings me into the moment
where all else just falls away!

As Christmas approaches,
there is a desire to create.
Simple shapes attract me
and using the colours that speak to me in the moment.

Seeking simplicity in all things
and remembering that
Less is often more!

The pretty star pattern was generously given by

Another link you may wish to check out, and which has been a source of inspiration to me,
is a photographic gathering for the whole month of December
organized by Kim Manley Ort
and which goes under the title of

Keeping it Simple

Lavender pomander

During this month of December
It's so lovely to pull back from the hustle and bustle
away from the tinsel and the baubles
and seek out simplicity.

Soft candlelight and ribbons

A vase of flowers in pastel colours

and in the evening
a little candle contemplation 
and time to unwind with Mozart's music: