Day 15 - Morning Walk

Early morning walks are my favourite
mostly because it's so lovely and cool at that time of the day.
These are early morning shadows in the grass.

I start off by crossing a bridge surrounded by trees,
then up some steps.

This morning I went into the park

and encountered a friendly fallen branch

On the way home, 
I saw these pretty bindweed flowers.
The grass and the earth felt good under my feet!

This afternoon I watched a very exciting men's tennis finals at Wimbledon.
I can hear thunder getting closer.
We're going to have a storm.
It's nice to be snug inside.


I want to thank all my visitors that come here every day, well over a hundred daily!
I know how time-consuming it can be to leave a comment,
especially when someone goes through a whole month of posting a new blog entry
every day!
A kind thank you to all those who pop in to say hello!

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!


  1. No thunderstorm anywhere near our home - just awfully hot, too hot, not even the cats are up to anything (not even eating!?). Hope you had a lovely Sunday, Marjan

    1. the thunderstorm was wonderful as it cleared the hot air and nice it will be a lovely cool evening for a good night! Yes, I had a lovely Sunday, thank you! It contained a lot of Wimbledon tennis watching!

  2. HELLO!

    Fun photo's today. Hope the storm passed by without too much trouble!

    SWELTERING here! Expecting at least 28 degrees!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


  3. Hello to you, faithful Sarn! The storm was gorgeous and refreshed the air so beautifully. It's cooler here this morning, but will be going up again on Tuesday and Wednesday! Keep cool!!

  4. Your walk looks lovely and refreshing! Love seeing where your feet took you!

    1. Thank you, Cathy, it was a lovely refreshing early morning walk before the sun got hot!