Winter Sunsets

That time of day
when a changing winter's sky
warms our hearts
and colours the moment
in pink and gold
and the trees stand quiet to admire the show

when birds soar high above
and mountains dress themselves in beguiling mist
and the lake takes on an inner glow

Time stands still
when we are in the moment
when we let the joy in.

Be still

Be still

I am winter

See my intricate designs

Know that my blanket of snow
prepares spring flowers in secret

Breathe in my pure spaciousness

Accept the moment
in whatever form it takes

I am winter
Do not wish me away...
I have my role to play!

What is love?

How do I love?

Do I love expecting something in return?
Do I measure and bargain?

What is love?
True love is a universal energy which knows no boundaries.

So may I love a stone, a shell, a blade of grass,
a sunbeam and a snowflake
or the tiniest of flowers as much as the tallest of trees.

Love is for my fellow humans
And this is the most difficult one of all
As we come with our desires and expectations...

How is love expressed?
By giving someone our full attention
By recognizing their worthiness
By simple gestures
Giving a smile
or a helping hand when it is most needed.
By looking them in the eyes when they talk.
By being totally present when we are with someone.
By being here

The gift of love
Every day of the year.

Colour me orange

Seville oranges
well washed
still glistening with water drops

Cooked until tender
Fragrant citrus smells in the kitchen
Cut to reveal their gorgeousness

Taking time
to admire texture and patterns

Remove the pulp and pips
cut the soft rind into chunky pieces

Ladle the cooked marmalade into jars

My favourite breakfast
on my favourite plate.

The simplest things in life take on a whole new meaning
when we do them with awareness.