A visitor on my balcony

Little butterfly of the night
To call you a moth is not quite right
You came to say hello today
And didn't want to fly away.
Little friend with wings so calm
You offer me the sweetest balm.
Serenity and presence say
And all of this just came my way!

Butterfly of night

Just fluttering by

Butterfly lingers and stays awhile
Till delicate wings unfold to fly
I look up high and see you there
Fluttering, shimmering in the sky.

Butterfly and zinnia

The leaves know

In the shade or in the sun
Each little leaf knows they are One.


Red tulip

Flower meditation


The wisdom in trees

There is such wisdom in trees as they stretch their branches to the sky. Their stillness and dignity give me a feeling of deep inner peace.

If you're feeling down, look up and breathe in the sky... just like the trees!

Tree tops


Close your eyes just a moment and smell the fragrance of spring.

Feel the breeze on your cheeks and listen to the leaves rustling gently.

All is happening so perfectly and we are part of this harmony - when we let it be.

Lilac flowers