Mysterious and enticing
We are drawn into a world of muted colours

Soft, dreamlike shapes take form

Like folds of flowing satin

Could there be a pearl hidden within?

So many frills and curves

in a beautiful Amaryllis

We Need to Be Ready

"For things to reveal themselves to us,
we need to be ready
to abandon our views about them."
Zen Master

I love this phrase because it helps me let go of all preconceived ideas
of what I think things are and how they should be.

With an empty mind and an abstract eye,
I'm able to enter into the essence of a subject.

The image above was taken down by the lake, and what drew me in completely
were the gorgeous dancing reflections on the side of the boat
created by the moving water.
I stayed in this spot for a long moment, just immersing myself
in the beauty and aliveness of what was before me.

Wavy reflections
 and a contemplative mood
All yellow and blue

It was a windy day and the colourful bunting drew my attention
towards the sky.
There's something incredibly joyful about bunting flapping in the wind,
don't you think?

It's true, when we abandon our views
things are revealed to us in a truly magical way.

Take the Time

I stretch my arms wide
to embrace a new day
a new dawn
a new year!

Against the blue of an unencumbered sky, 
a silhouetted branch shows me a journey ahead
with many choices of side paths along the way.
The choice is mine.

Many people like to choose an inspirational word for a new year.
I have noticed that short phrases speak to me better.
They take me by the hand and lead me to pastures new.

Take the time to live each moment fully
just the way it comes to me.
This is an idea which speaks to me in all areas of my life.

Taking the time to drop everything when a magical lighting
draws me out of my home.
How to resist this sky, the silhouetted trees and houses
and those suspended street lamps which say:
"Follow us, follow us and you will never lose your way!"

Just before Christmas, I joined my family in the mountains.
The wide view of the valley and the surrounding scenery 
showed me a view on a larger scale to the one I see in the city every day.
I love the lights on the roads and in the homes
which illuminate the hills as night advances.

I was up early to witness and enjoy the sunrise on the mountain tips
from the terrace of the chalet.

Back to my neighbourhood to find the beauty in my own environment
and take in the gracefulness of the tree silhouettes at sunset.

Taking the time to slow down and catch those golden rays
of the setting sun shining through glass on a small building.

The weather-vane shows me a direction, 
but I know how changeable it is - according to which way the wind blows.
I like this unpredictability
which is just like life!
So I smile and just follow the light
and know I can't go wrong!

A pure white full moon
shining brightly in the sky, a mandala
waiting for me to design the pattern of my year.
I will start in the middle and work my way outwards
choosing my colours with care.

This photo was taken on my balcony on December 25th.

But for now,
the time has come to lift up my anchor and sail.
Let the adventure begin!