Just taking a break

With a pot of peppermint tea
and some free time
to enjoy
a little creative hooking!

my favourite stork scissors
to cut off loose ends
and the feel of soft yarn under my fingers

I've crocheted a heart
just for you
until we meet again!

For crochet lovers, you can find the pattern for this heart:

Peony Waltz


Poised for flight

Letting down the layers

Flared skirts

Intimate moment

Blowing in the Breeze

Wild flowers

swaying in the long grass

creating soft smudges of colour

petals gently swirling

beautiful at every stage
in this green garden
of softness.

This charming flower can be found in hedgerows or growing in long grass among other wild flowers.
Its name is Greater Knapweed 
and it's a valuable nectar source for insects
and a favourite of many butterflies.

Traveller's Joy

"Traveller's joy" is the name often used for this beautiful plant which are the words used for
Clematis in Russian and Bulgarian.
This describes the way the clematis loves to travel as it climbs!

The clematis symbolizes ingenuity or artifice, perhaps due to its clever ability
of climbing around trellises and walls.

Clematis also means mental beauty

The centre of the flower is beautiful as it unfolds.
Later in the season, the fruits formed have long silky appendages which are sometimes known as
"Old Man's Beard"
I will have to return to the gardens to try and capture them!