When we nurture a plant
We are really nurturing ourselves.
We don't hold expectations
As we may do with people.

Loving a flower unconditionally,
Not wanting it to be different.
Accepting it, just the way it is.

Nurture a plant
and feel yourself grow...

The little gardener

My grandson loves helping on my balcony garden!

After the rain

Pitter patter goes the rain
Thirsty flower drinks with glee
Petals glisten fresh again
Tiny insect comes to see.

I am happy to be passing
And share this moment
Just them and me...

Grateful Lily

Wildflower Wonder

Long summer days

Petals of silk caressed by the wind
Petals of velvet so soft to the touch
The perfume of long summer days
And the month of June graces us
With incredible, beautiful roses.

Evening Sun Rose

Miniature Red Rose

Wild Rose

Pink Roses

Yellow Roses

A reminder

Windswept barley
Swaying to and fro
Shimmering and whispering
Reminds me of all I know.

Barley field

Letting go

When we lower our arms
And let go of the fight
We can embrace "what is"
And know that it's right.

Scarlet Hawthorn

Little seeds waiting

Yellow dandelion
Where have you gone?
I give you these seeds
To gaze upon...

Each little seed
Waiting to fly
Till the wind blows them
High in the sky.

How do they know
When to let go?
They just dance and twirl
And go with the flow!

A dandelion clock