Day 6 - Lavender

The essential oil of lavender has a sweet, floral-herbaceous scent,
and balsamic-woody undertones.

There are many uses for Lavender and it is know to be
soothing, sedative
calming, balancing
relaxing and purifying
and it also has curative qualities.

In classical times, The Greek and Roman civilizations already knew the virtues of lavender.
Its essential oil, a refined product obtained by distilling, is often called 'blue gold'.

Put some lavender flowers in a pomander like I have,
or in tiny crocheted sachets to perfume your drawers and cupboards
which I made in 2014 to give as gifts.

The idea for these heart sachets came from here
I used an existing heart pattern that I already had.


  1. We've got about 4 large and 5 smaller lavender bushes in our garden - I couldn't do without!

  2. I love filling up my little crocheted hearts with sweet smelling lavender! I have two lavender plants also. The butterflies love them!

  3. Oh, lavender has such a wonderful, calming smell! Love the beautiful accents on your sachets.

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy. I love making those little sachets!

  4. I lost all of my lavender this year, due to a particularly harsh winter. My husband temporarily claimed my lavender bed for tomatoes, but I plan on replanting for next year. I miss that wonderful scent and all the bees and butterflies it attracts.

    I forgot you were doing this photo journal, so I had some catching up to do! My favorite so far is Day 4 Sunlight and Shadows. I, too, love having my windows open and seeing my curtains billowing on a breeze. I’m the only one in our neighborhood who opens their windows at any time of year. Oh, what those closed-in people are missing! We’re having a rare cool day here this summer—74 degrees (23 celsius, I think) of perfection.

    1. Such a pity that you lost your lavender plants due to the harsh winter. I lost a sweet little olive tree. Whenever I lose my lavender (mine are planted in window boxes and therefore more vulnerable), I buy new ones at once as I love lavender so much! I do adore the bees and butterflies that come to visit!

      Thank you for visiting the other days of my daily journal during this month of July! I love Day 4 too! I live with my windows open all the year round!