Remembering and reflecting...

Is it the lighting or is that grey hair?!

Well now, I recognize the eyes behind the specs!

Now, now, no need to look so smug without your glasses...
admit that things seem a little blurry, but
they need to go when I wash my hair!

Growing up
Growing older
Growing and evolving
Now is the time for me to nurture 
the beauty of my heart and my soul
and let that shine forth like a halo of love and warmth
wherever I go.
Still learning,
still evolving
and appreciating
each moment

Sharing these photos as part of the self-portrait journey here:

In The Picture

In the presence of petals

Ruffled layers of loveliness

nonchalantly tousled

and just a little blue.

Keeping cool


and sparkling


Soft shapes and gentle tones

the artistry of a lemon...
for all my friends suffering from a heat-wave!

Like a poem

The rose is like a poem
which flutters in my heart

Soft petals form a chalice
in which I quench my thirst

Your fragrance pulls me closer
to show me your perfection

and as the sunrays touch you
I may peep into your heart.

One Last Look

Goodbye frothy waves, soft sand and black granite rocks...

... endless horizons where boats disappear and craggy walks far away from concrete jungles...

the coloured quiet depths when the waves churn up the surface
the sound
the smell
of the sea.

Goodbye chapel on the hill presiding the azure seascape

and the bell on the chapel with the lichen-covered roof.
What is it about bells against the sky?

A slanting roof and a beady eye
and a wonderful, wonderful clear blue sky!

Magical moments in the sky, imprinted in my memory
This one is my favourite.
(click on the photo to get a full-screen size to be engulfed in the whole atmosphere)

Standing in the soft sand and gazing over the watery horizon
where my soul meets the sky

Little seashell with your belly full of salty water

Rows of tiny flags, reminding me that I was home, for a while...
before returning to my land of adoption.
Au revoir England
until we meet again!

Changing moods

A diver in his black suit looks out across the turquoise sea from his rock

and the small boats move across the calm water.

The beach takes on a pinkish, golden hue as the sun lowers in the sky

and creates shadowy patterns on the ridges left by the waves at low tide.

The almost unreal colours fill the sea and sky making it look like a subdued painting

The clouds swirl and change  behind the
 belfry -  promising a colourful sunset.

These are the moods  and colours  to be enjoyed by the sea, ever-changing, always surprising...


I love to watch families with buckets and spades and fishing nets
and the little legs of the youngest going fast to keep up!

Thank goodness for Daddy's shoulders!
Now second daughter wants an ice-cream...

The surfers are happy when the waves whip up a frenzy
Who cares about the grey sky?
It's just a colour!

"Come on George, don't drag your feet, we're going to have dinner at the Seafood Café!

George: "I can't believe we're walking along the beach in the rain with umbrellas..."
Red umbrella says: "Cheer up! The weather forecast says it'll be sunny  tomorrow!"

The next day the sun returned and the wind blew the clouds away
 the holidaymakers were happy and smiles returned
and ice-creams were bought

... and the surfers put their waterproof sunscreen on again

and  the people-watchers smiled kindly as the holidaymakers strolled by!
They'd seen and heard it all before!

Moments by the sea

Sparkling sea moments

and frothy wavelets

Tiny grains of multi-coloured sand on which a mussel shell nestles

My eyes drown themselves in the blue-green depths and where the sea meets the sky

A seagull points his beak to a faraway point of interest

and I follow his gaze to the clock tower against the blue sky
and it looks like the right time...

to sample a Cornish Cider. Quite perfect for a hot day!

Up the hill past the twin bells on the little church above the beach

A wicker chair by the window to read awhile overlooking the water

and the evening brings in shades of grey with a hint of pink - and the lovely hues of dark and light
illuminate the sea and the sky.