Autumn in Lausanne

The month of October has been very sunny and very warm
with temperatures in the low to mid twenties.
I think that my favourite colours has been the golden leaves against the blue 
of that clear, autumn sky.

My computer has been giving me lots of trouble, working very slowly indeed
and freezing often. I have been disheartened to put up a new blog entry for October
before today. 
I have very many photographs and will spread them out over several weeks.

One tiny leaf that left the tree and got entangled in a spider's web.

Fallen leaves on the windscreen of a car below.
The reflection of the tree above is reflected in the glass.

The Ginkgo Biloba Tree down in the Mon Repos Lausanne Park
 is startingto get its golden colours.

Look at their beautiful fan-shape and golden tones highlighted by the sunshine.

These joyful yellow Heliopsis flowers grow near my building.
They are also called Oxeye Sunflowers.

The Tulip Trees have quickly turned to golden yellow 
are now taking on a very coppery, burnished look.

Such a pretty shape to the leaves

Looking good against the evergreens in the park.

In my neighbourhood

I have so enjoyed all our beautiful blue skies this month.

Lausanne Cathedral taken from the big market place.
I usually do my marketing for fresh fruit and vegetables on Saturdays.

A collage of October colours.
The pink Windflowers/Anemone are still blooming.

I crocheted four little pumpkins and took them for a walk down to the park.
They seemed to settle in well among the fallen Tulip Tree leaves
showing up nicely against the dark trunk of the tree.

This month, I made a small lap blanket to give to a friend for Christmas.
I've called this one 'Cosy Winter Blanket'.

The edging.

I still need to finish making several other crocheted gifts.
My fingers are kept very busy during these longer evenings
now that we have put the clocks back for the winter months.

Today, Monday 31st October is All Hallows Eve.
It is a day to remember our departed loved ones, to light a candle in their memory
and also to take flowers to the cemetery.
The first day of November is known as All Saints' Day or All Hallows' Day.

There were so many marvellous cloud shapes one afternoon
and I enjoyed making this collage of the prettiest ones.

I shall be doing another blog entry fairly soon to catch up with showing all my saved photos!