Interlaken and Thun, Part 2


Out of our three days in Interlaken, the second day brought grey skies
so we decided to reorganise our outings and use this second day
to visit the town of Thun.

First of all a good breakfast in our hotel. 
I was very taken with the decoration on the centre of the saucers!
Here is my morning coffee with the decoration revealed!

We took a train to Thun which only takes 35 minutes. The tracks run
alongside the Thun Lake.
The town has lots of lovely pedestrian streets and the Aare River runs through the town
and outside terraces are dotted all along the water.
Here is part of the river with the covered bridge which we crossed to go and visit the castle.

This is taken from the covered bridge.
The cogwheel that can be seen is part of a mechanism to regulate the flow
of the fast moving water.

A wider view of the same scene.

Here's a view of the church and to the left of that, the towers of the castle further away.

Here is an old painting of the castle as it was in the olden days.

Thun Castle in the city of Thun which is in the Swiss canton of Bern.
It was built in the 12th century and today it house the Thun Castle Museum which is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

We climbed up to the highest turrets to get a view of the town.
This one overlooks the Rathausplatz (the Town Hall Square).

This is the view on the other side, with the church lower down
 and the River Aare running towards the lake.

I liked this closer view of the church steeple and the red roofs of Thun.
We can see the point where the river joins the lake.

The Stadkirche (city church) is the city's main Reformed church.
The church dominates the old town of 
Thun and is defined by its striking medieval tower.

We walk back down the hill to the town centre
and the face of the church tower makes me smile!

Here's the Town Hall Square that we saw from the top of the castle.

An attractive restaurant with parasols on the outside terrace
and you can see the canton of Bern flag on the right: red with a brown bear.

Flowers and a parked bicycle in one of the pedestrian streets

We took the train back to Interlaken and then had a very delicious
and special meal at one of the Indian restaurants!
We chose different vegetarian dishes.
The restaurant was appropriately called Taj Palace.

Some of the flowers I saw in the mountains.

Next time, I'll be showing you our last day's outing on the turquoise lake of Brienz
and our trip into the mountains with a little steam engine!

Interlaken, Part 1


My daughter and I decided to go to take a short holiday in the area of Interlaken
The town of Interlaken is a resort town in the mountainous Bernese Oberland
of central Switzerland.
It's built on a narrow stretch of valley between the turquoise-coloured waters
of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.
This is the view we had from our hotel rooms.
In the background we can glimpse the Lake Brienz.

When we arrived late morning, we left our cases at the hotel
and took the funicular up to a place called Harder Kulm.

Just coming out of the funicular with the lake in the background.

We walked a little way up to the restaurant and enjoyed a typical
macaroni and potato dish in a cream sauce served with crispy onions and  apple purée with
a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese.
This dish is called Älplermagronen (Swiss Alpine Macaroni)
Very delicious with a glass of blond beer.

After lunch, we walked in a woodland area
before taking the funicular down again.

The carved statues (famous in this part of Switzerland) were full of character
and so well made. This one overlooks the Brienz Lake.

The amazing view from the highest point with the Aare River running
into the Thun Lake below.

How about this fellow blowing the Alpenhorn?

The weather was mixed with sunshine and clouds, but we can still
notice the lovely turquoise hue to the lakes.

I think these two are my favourite sculptures.

My daughter liked them too!

We walked back down the hill to catch the funicular down to the valley.

We walked back to the hotel for a little rest and a refreshing shower
before having our dinner in the hotel restaurant.
The view from our hotel and the mountain with snow is called the Jungfrau.
The Jungfrau, at 4.158 meters, is one of the main summits
of the Bernese Alps, located between the northern canton of Bern
and the southern canton of Valais.

This is the first part of our stay in Interlaken.
I'll be adding more photos at the weekend to show the town of Thun.

The view from the hotel restaurant at dinner time.

I'll be showing more lake photos, but I just wanted to end up with this view
on Lake Brienz which I also used for my blog header.
The water really is that colour!

Sunny Days and Storms

Wild roses growing in my neighbourhood and discovered on my early evening walk.

We've been having sunny and even hot days, but also storms
Everyone is taking advantage of the sunshine like this lady reading on the beach,
her bicycle parked nearby.

One Sunday morning, we had breakfast out on an outside terrace overlooking the lake.

We sat under white parasols which you can see here
and which are part of Ouchy Castle.

There's something special about being beside the water. 

A little rowing boat looking very serene in this calm scene of blues.

When the wind picks up, the sailing boats appear.

One of the big steamboats waits passenges to take a cruise.
I didn't go this time, but I will soon be tempted to take an evening cruise!

I love watching the dancing reflections on the side of the boat.

There was a swan sitting on her nest.

Rocks at the water's edge and the water making a lapping sound.

A framed poster giving the name of the town and the port of Ouchy

Another poster depicting Lausanne Cathedral above
and the lake below.

I'm sure you can guess what this is with the suspended 'pods'!

It's the Big Wheel and we went on for a ride!

One of my crochet projects this month, was to make a garland of stars
to hang over the head of my bed.

I chose the colours to match my new bedspread!
I like these aqua, blue and green colours for the bedroom. 
they remind me of calming and refreshing watery scenes and make me feel peaceful.

Do you have favourite colours for your bedroom?

I'm going away for a few days tomorrow.
A little trip with my daughter.
I feel sure that I'll be sharing some photos of our time together.
The weather in June has been often sunny, sometimes too hot and humid
and sometimes stormy at the end of the day or at night.
I'm enjoying the cooler days now between 20 and 24C
but it could soon be heating up again.

See you soon.
Thank you for your kind comments and visits!

Out and About

Mother swan and her four cygnets
Always so touching to see on the lake.

The month of May seemed more rainy than usual with rather few really beautiful days,
but I did get out and take photos when the weather was sunny and dry.
So I have some photos from the sunny days in May that I still would like to remember
through my blog!

These water Iris were just starting to come into bloom.

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in the month of May
and I received this beautiful bouquet from my son.

I met up with my daughter and grandson.
We had a lovely lunch together at home and then went for a walk down by the lake.

The Lilac bushes were in full bloom in my neighbourhood and my evening walks
were filled with their fragrance.

The deep purple flowers seemed to have a particularly lovely scent.

On one of the sunny warm days, it was lovely to walk along the edge of the forest
for coolness. The moss was so prettily illuminated by the filtered sunlight.

I do love to see the Chestnut Trees in flower.

I love collecting conkers too in the autumn!

Birthday collage.
My birthday falls in the middle of the month of May.
Three of my birthday cards, a gorgeous Peony flower and a picture
by Loretta Grayson entitled "Still I Rise"
I love her art.

Some beautiful pastel roses in memory of someone important in my life
for May 27th.

The Rhododendrens have put on a beautiful show of colourful flowers

They look especially lovely against a blue sky.

Or behind some railings.

The Dogwood flowers stayed in bloom for a long time.

I love seeing red poppies growing in the long grasses.

I even passed some sheep enjoying the luscious long grass when I climbed the hill from the station
to visit my daughter who lives out of the town centre.

A collage of my balcony flowers:
Blue Campanula, Daisies, Asters, Osteospermum, Bidens and the tiny lavender stalks
not quite in bloom.

My latest crochet project which is a lovely pattern from

It is called 'Mitered Blossom Dishcloth,
but I think it makes a really pretty mug mat.
The loop can be useful to hang it up on a hook in the kitchen.