October Outings

October can be such a beautiful month and we have had many sunny days.
I like to take the metro down to the lakeside in Ouchy and enjoy watery scenes.

Sparkles on the lake

I liked all those chimneys and the mosaic decorations on the side of the roof.

One day, I took the train to the small lakeside town of Rolle.
I met a friend who lives in a nearby village.
This is the 13th century Rolle Castle.
It was a windy day and the lake was full of white tips to the waves.
The slopes behind the castle are covered in vineyards.

We walked all along the lake front and had lunch in a lakeside café.
The group of trees are growing on an artificial island on the water.
The island is called l'île de la Harpe, located on the territory of the municipality of Rolle,
in the canton of Vaud.
It was built in 1837 and was named after the political leader Fédéric-César de la Harpe
after his death in 1838.

Walking back to the castle  after lunch.

There were posters of creative photography all along the lake.
This one was my favourite and is the île de la Harpe in the winter months
when the trees have lost their leaves.

The town hall or meeting place (maison de commune) in the village of Tartegnin.
I like the clock tower and the profusion of geraniums.

My daughter and I went to a spa for two days, staying one night.
It's called Les Bains de Lavey
and the hotel is set in a beautiful park.
This is one of the lovely views.

The Chestnut Tree leaves were showing their autumn colours.

Tree shadows and fallen leaves

In-between our water activities, it was lovely to walk in the park.
There are several metal sculptures, like this one, which reflect the surroundings.

Mountains that surround the spa.

We certainly had a lovely time there, including a massage and watching a
lights show from the main pool at night.
There were illuminated dancers, acrobats and projections with clever lighting effects
on the trees surrounding the different pools.
There are relaxing rooms with colour therapy and sounds of nature.
I enjoyed the outside jacuzzi and the hammam
and generally bobbing about in the thermal waters!
You can see a link to this thermal centre HERE

So October, so far, has not been without outings.
As long as this beautiful weather lasts, there will be more!

Regular walks in my neighbourhood are still showing late blooming flowers
like these lovely deep pink anemone or wind flowers.

A late afternoon walk showed me some beautiful autumn leaves
illuminated by the sinking sun.
They remind me of a stained-glass window.

A wild rose and rose hips
Shiny red berries and Black-eyed Susan.

Now the cooler days are here, I feel like doing some crochet work again.
It's always fun to create colour combinations
and one of the dahlias from my balcony garden inspired this little mat.

I hope that you are all enjoying sunshine and lovely autumn days.
Our temperatures vary between 15-18C.
The rains will come and grey days too, but in the meantime let's enjoy the now!

Lakeside Art

Several outings to the lakeside town of Montreux have amazed me
with their sculptures and other original art forms.
I particularly liked these huge red sculpted metal wings.

This very tall metal bird is full of character.
Even the little sparrows used him as a useful perch.
I can count seven of them!

Window frames have been used in beautifully decorative ways.
Climbing plants have been incorporated to make them part of the scenery
and this one has a statue nearby.

Colourful shutters hang from a tree

I really like this statue of a man reclining on long poles
against a background of mountains
called Les Dents du Midi.

A crystal ball reflecting an upside down image of the surroundings.

A yellow metal sculpture which seems to be blowing in the wind.

A bench to sit and admire the view and more hanging window frames.

An open door and frame and a view on the lake and mountains.

Modern art framing a steam boat in the distance.

Colourful Begonia flowers and three window frames.
Such a clever idea!

I'm so glad that I visited the lakeside in Montreux more than once.
There was so much to see.

Framing a small boat with palm tree silhouettes.

There were striking and very large Hibuscus blooms growing in the gardens.

The Léman Lake taken in Montreux.

There have been many lovely outings in August and September.
This is just one of them.
There are so many photographs waiting to be shown!

I can't believe that it will be the first day of October tomorrow.
September has been beautiful and mostly warm with wonderful lighting.
Today it was 19C which is still very warm for the season.

Remember to click on each image to enlarge it to fill your screen!

Flowery Interlude


This month of August seems to have gone by so quickly.
I've been doing wonderful little escapades with family and now I'm off again 
for a few days.
I have no time to organize my holiday photos, so I'm doing a flowery interlude 
of some of the beautiful flowers I encountered during this month of August.
There will be lots of dahlias, like this deep pink beauty above!

Pink and yellow look great together.

This one is almost fully opened.

This simple bloom with the marvellous centre was the darling of the bees!

Deep pink and luscious

Long, slim petals

Delicate shades of pink

Deep,  velvety red.

A collage to enjoy my favourites

Bees just love Zinnias

Now a selection from my morning and evening walks in my neighbourhood.
A pretty pink Anemone sometimes called Wind Flower.

A luminous Morning Glory and pink Bindweed climbing the fence.

A Red Admiral Butterfly enjoying a Zinnia.
I love the two little blue and black markings at the bottom of the wings
They make me think of eyes with white eyebrows!

A beautiful deep pink rose discovered on my walk yesterday.

Some gorgeous red roses that my son brought me when he visited with his wife.

Some Black-Eyed-Susan, or Rudbeckia
Growing in the grassy patch right near where I live.
Such sunny flowers.

A walk along the lake one day showed these beautiful hanging baskets of geraniums.

I have four strawberry plants growing on my balcony garden.
One day, I counted eighteen strawberries ripe at the same time.
I served them with fresh figs bought at the market and accompanied them
with triple thickness Gruyère cream.
The cream is not whipped, but a teaspoon holds upright in the delicious richness and thickness!

On this tasty note, I wish you happy days until next time!