The Last Day of October

The month of October this year has been beautifully sunny for the most part
and also rather warm until recently.

I wanted to share the wonderful colours that I've enjoyed in my area  
often in my  own neighbourhood.

This first photograph was taken in the park called Mont Repos
which is in Lausanne and only a 20-minute walk from where I live.

The golden leaves in the background are Tulip Trees.

Here is one of the paths in the park
lined with those beautiful trees.

The park is so beautiful with all the autumn chrysanthemum plants coming into bloom.

The  warm colours make me feel happy!

The leaves are falling with the recent wind and rain and soon the trees will be bare
showing the lovely shapes of their trunks and branches.

The Maple leaves take on their bright tones of red and orange.

Cherry Tree leaves catch the sunlight

before floating down and sometimes getting caught in fences.

Big American oak leaves and Beech create their own beauty when they land
on the granite path.

Closer to home, a local Tulip Tree frames a pale blue sky

In my own tree-lined street, the leaves gather on the pathways
making everything so beautiful.

I was walking down my street in the rain one day and saw this little leaf
which had moulded itself on the door handle of a dark blue car.

Another rainy day and a different kind of leaf had landed on a black car.
The lovely reflected colours on the shiny door are the leaves on the ground.

A rusty fence was embellished by this vine turning a colour which seemed to match the rust.

I was waiting for the bus to come home after an afternoon out and just caught this beautiful lighting 
just before sunset.
By standing on tiptoes, I could capture a fine strip of lake and the mountains

The last photo is a still life to honour today.
It is All Hallows' Eve.

What is now known as 'Halloween' is a name that means nothing in itself.
It's a contraction of  'All Hallows' Eve'.
It designates the vigil of All Hallows' Day, which is November 1st,
often known as All Saints' Day.

I have spoken about putting up some photos of a lovely escapade I did in October,
but it will be for another day!

Autumn Walks

With the cooler days,
the leaves have begun to change colour and have started to fall.
The geraniums are still blooming and will continue to do so until the first frosts.

This lovely area above the lake is called Mont Pèlerin
My son drove me up here recently on a very short visit to Switzerland.
It was still so warm that we had to peel off our jackets.

There was a lovely wooded area too with the sunshine illuminating the leaves.

Nearer home, both in my neighbourhood and down at the park,
the leaves seem to change in colour daily.
These are from a line of trees in the street in my neighbourhood.

My favourite time for walks is late afternoon when the lighting is so beautiful

When green and orange-browns mingle

Down to the Mont Repos Park to see the new plantations.
The flowerbed is looking beautiful and the chrysanthemums in the big pots
will look wonderful when the tiny buds open.
I walk down to the park regularly.

A closer look at the lovely leaves

The hydrangea are still blooming

I really like the leaf decorated paving stones near the little park café under the chestnut trees.

These are just two of the many. They are all different.

Rich purple Asters in lovely contrast to the other autumn colours

The first chrysanthemum buds are starting to open

It seems to be a good year for berries

Their shiny bright colour makes me linger as I admire them on my walk

Leaves bob up and down in a slight breeze against the colourful blur of the background

After some night rain, a leaf still holds a tiny lake of rainwater in the shade

Tiny St. John's Wort wild flowers still bloom

Here is a larger version which is often planted on slopes in gardens 

Here are my favourite leaves of the month so far. I have used them for this month's header.

A collage of some of my much loved scenes as I went on my autumn walks.