The Blustery Month of April

Daffodils are the darlings of the season.
Lots of walks in my neighbourhood lately to see what is happening
in all the local gardens.

These were captured on an early evening walk

I love this wild garden with all the blossoms, pink and yellow
blowing in the gusty winds we've been having  and showing a lovely mixture of colours. 
The pale grasses in the background were blowing in all directions.

The blackbird was singing so beautifully in the late afternoon
on one of the still bare branches of a tree.

Some trees are more advanced and are showing tiny green leaves
just starting to unfurl and hints of pink blossom here and there.
I do like the birdhouse perched up high waiting
for feathered visitors to choose to rear their young.

The Aubrietia is so dainty and hangs down in rock gardens.
I even planted some on my balcony this spring.

The cherry blossom has been eye-catchingly beautiful this year.
Some are finishing and others are just starting up.

We have been having deep blue skies, but always accompanied
by strong north easterly winds.

These contrast so nicely against the rustic tiled roof.

Young, fresh green leaves are growing on the hedges and bushes.

These last two images are of Hazel leaves.

These are Purple Hazel with matching catkins!

There was a very special event at the beginning of April!
My grandson celebrated his 18th birthday!
I made a collage to show him as an adorable baby with just two little teeth on the bottom,
and then as the young man he is today.

I wanted to give him something meaningful for this special 
coming of age birthday and chose a key
with a short text  concerning the symbolic meaning.

When I turned 21 in England, my father gave me a gold key
on a bracelet, representing 'the key of the house' to show that I had now become
a responsable adult!

It has been a privilege watching my grandson grow up
and to have had him stay with me ever since he was little.
We have many shared memories together which I shall never ever forget
and hopefully he will remember them too!

One of the most beautiful trees during this month of April
have been the Magnolia trees.
There is a whole row of them in front of lovely buildings when walking down to the lake.

The flowering has been amazingly abundant.

Beautiful in bud form

Gently opening up in filtered sunlight

Revealing their beautiful centres.
They have resisted remarkably well during these windy days and a brief return to night frosts.

It's the simple things 
which speak to our hearts the most
and give life meaning.

Here is the little crocheted square doily under the geranium pot.
I chose the colours which remind me of Apple Blossom.

I hope that your are enjoying the month of April too.