November's Jewels Still Shine

One beautiful and very big leaf
balances in the opening on a bench
We say hello to each other!

The golden larch graces the limpid pale blue sky
and the greens take on a hint of yellow

Soft dappled skies and furry edged leaves make us think it's spring again

November's jewels still shine

and blue skies appear in-between the grey days.

Beech nuts are falling from the trees
I collect some to put into a glass bowl at home.

The map of life contained in a single leaf

A rustling can be heard as the leaves start to float to the ground

and rejoice us with their luminous quality and varied colours

as well as their amazing textures.

Spring slumbers

In each tightly furled bud, spring slumbers, even though the cold winds
of November blow and snowflakes hover way on high.
A lone leaf on the branch
will soon join its sisters on the soft earth.
I'm grateful for the four seasons 
which bring me joy at every step.


Soon, our activities will be often inside.
There's always plenty to do
books to read
crafts to enjoy
crochet to make
and mandalas to create.
Not forgetting photography!

Winter months are humming with creativity.

Do you find exciting and uplifting things to do in the winter months?

Revisiting Abstract Photography. Part Two

Light and shadows
A flash of blue
We know what we see
or think we do!

Polka dot shadows
Shafts of light
What can it be?
It doesn't matter at all
Just enjoy the sight!

Dancing light forms
move across my line of vision
creating happiness
and put a smile on my face!

However dark things seem
Look up!
There is always the light shining in the darkness.

A world of make believe
A bold statement
in these reflections
where patterns and colours and shapes
can make us hold our breath.

A beautiful connection
Throw away the labels and just enjoy
the shapes, the colours and the strength emanating from these wonders of  nature.

Beautiful harmonies sing to my heart

Shapes and colours
light and shade
Unexpected and fascinating
Nature teases our senses

Impressionist atmospheres
created with a dancing camera

The north wind doth blow..
and my camera sways to nature's beat

Sleek and streamlined

Aqua Melody
which sings in perfect harmony


The flowing and harmonious lines lead me forward
to my destination
just as the river flows towards the sea.
These colours and movements resonate with me on an emotional level
creating a flowing inner energy.
The lines show me purpose of movement.

The message from this and other abstract captures,
reminds me that nothing ever stands still.
it is forever moving forward 
carrying me where I need to go.

Abstracts tell me stories
They take me places where I'd never dreamed I'd go
It's an awakening of all my senses
and I feel more vibrant and alive.


I've just been part of a wonderfully gifted and imaginative group
of other photographers interpreting abstracts.

This workshop was facilitated by the contemplative photographer
Kim Manley Ort.

Here is the link to her class:

Revisiting Abstract Photography. Part One

The flowing shapes and restful colours are gentle on the mind
I feel as if I'm floating like a little white feather
which brings me into this abstract scene.

When I see something which takes my breath away,
I know I want to capture it right away.
The precise focus of this image at close range makes it seem even more
abstract to me.
I'm attracted to the texture, to the curves and lines and to the glistening
shining areas.

Sometimes I think I can place or recognize something, 
yet seeing it in a totally different context takes away my certainties.
The light colour blue feels dreamy and the shapes of the white areas
definitely feel 'floaty'.
I feel astonishment, enthusiasm and joy.
I'm in a totally different world when I look at this image.
Am I moving?
Is it moving?
Where am I?

Conveying essence and emotion.
Water is the very source of life.
It could be called the essence of life.
Wherever there is water, there are emotions.
There are tears of joy and tears of many other emotions
like sadness and relief.

This watery jewel I captured above says it all for me.
It radiates from the centre outwards and it touches me deeply.

Removing Labels
allows me to concentrate on colour, texture and shapes
It allows me to go deeper.
I call this image: 'Essence of metal.'
I feel a dynamic energy.

The Essence of Wind
Since we cannot see the wind, but only know of its presence
by what we feel on our skin or what we see moving around us.
Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)
gives a whole new dynamics to the image
creating feelings of movement
which in this case, has created short bursts of energy, imitating the wind.
The colours blend together and the shapes evoke something special.

Eliminating all superfluous details to concentrate
on one particular element
which is the yellow pole and the green circle,
brings a sense of strength to the composition.


Abstract photography has taught me to capture the unexpected
and the details which are often overlooked.
The simplest of subjects in our everyday lives take on new meaning.
Recognizing abstracts has become an exciting new journey
which opens my horizons and takes me beyond my limits.
Suddenly, a whole new world opens up before me.

I shall continue to seek out abstracts because the whole experience
excites my senses and increases my creativity.
I become more daring by thinking outside the box.
I take a step out of my comfort zone 
and see things as I have never seen them before.

It's an exciting journey.

Pause, Focus and Connect

Noticing the shapes, colours, lines and textures around us.

Look at things from another point of view
How does that make us feel?

Observing things with an abstract vision
Finding the beauty in flowing forms
without labelling them.

in all simplicity

In photography, I have learned to slow down
and have thus created more space in my life.
I notice more, become one with what I see and feel
and experience so much more joy because of this.

Noticing the importance of light and how it can illuminate my subjects.

Looking closely with openness allows me to connect with all the details
in line, structure and subtlety in colour.

Marvelling at how extraordinary everything really is.

Taking the time to pause, focus and connect
has allowed me to see and experience everything in a whole new way.

Something which has been of great help to me in my quest
for a more contemplative life
was doing a workshop with Kim Manley Ort
Please check out the link to find out more.