A Feeling of Freedom

Sitting under some chestnut trees in the park and looking up towards the sky
and enjoying the play of light and shadows.

I do love the slight movement of the leaves in the breeze.
It feels so peaceful and happy.

We have had our fair share of rain so far during this month of June.
It was much needed after a very dry spring
and I have enjoyed the cooler days.
The summer's heat will be upon us all too soon.

The peonies have been wonderful this year and I have purchased many bunches over the weeks
when I do my weekend shopping.

Tiny round buds full of promise

until one morning, I find the fallen petals and a sprinkling of pollen
on the tablecloth.

I have been making cushion covers for my garden chairs.
Crocheted granny squares seem to give a welcoming look.

Here's the other cushion in warm colours to harmonize with the plantations
on my balcony.

There is a new feeling of freedom now that the rules set by our government
are loosening up.
Social distancing is no longer 2 metres, but has been reduced to 1.50 metres.

Wearing protective masks in shops and on public transport is still highly recommended.
Though I heard on the news that 94% of the population no longer wear masks!
I am in the 6% that does when I travel in the bus or on the metro or when I go shopping.
Frequent and thorough handwashing is still recommended.

The virus has not disappeared and we do well to still be very careful.

One morning, after a night of rain, I saw little pools of rainwater
which the geranium leaves had collected.
One fallen petal, still wet with raindrops.

I do love the happy little buds soon to open on my darkest pink geranium.

There are so many branches full of tiny olive flowers on my olive tree.
There have never been as many.

The strawberries are doing very well and I've already eaten a small bowl of them.
The taste of summer!

I do love dahlia flowers.
I have three plants growing in a big pot.
These are the light orange ones,

Bright yellow Coriopsis flowers grow in a big windowbox next to the kitchen.
The bees love them as much as I do.

I liked the way this little flower caught the light.

The lavender is just coming into flower.
The breeze encourages the windchime to dance and sing!

There's a small but lovely park in the neighbourhood just above mine.
I like to go up there on the quiet roads and paths.
It only takes about fifteen minutes.
The central path has been lined with young trees
which are starting to create very welcome shade.

Wild areas have been left with tall grasses and wild flowers are allowed to grow at random
like this lovely red poppy.

Other flowers have been planted next to the tree trunks along the central alley.

Although this month has been cool for the season with plenty of rain.
I have enjoyed it and been able to go on my daily walks with pleasure.

The roses are starting to look very beautiful everywhere.

I saw these on one of my walks and found the colour and profusion of central petals
especially beautiful.

It would seem that there are hot days to come next week
and I thought it wise to bring up the ventilators from the cellar so that I am ready!

I have been enjoying my balcony so much.
The flowers make it so colourful and the bees keep me company.

Oh yes!
The borders between Switzerland and the surrounding countries have opened up again!
Since Monday 15th of June.
That's a big change. 
I've been able to get together with an old friend from across the lake in neighbouring France!
That really makes a huge difference
and it's great to be able to socialize again
and to sit down together to share a meal!

Even though we are still being responsible and careful
There is a true feeling of freedom again
and that is certainly very uplifting and joyful!

The hardest part of the past three months has been the lack of social interaction
and meeting up with loved ones and good friends.
Thank goodness for telephone calls and WhatsApp
to keep in touch with other human beings!

 Now I'm looking forward to seeing my family again too.
A picnic in the park sounds perfect!