Day 21 - Market Day

Market day is on Saturdays and on Wednesday.
I love going there at least once a week to stock up on a wonderful choice
of fresh, locally grown produce.

There's a special atmosphere on Saturdays
with music in the streets and sometimes singers.

It's always a special treat to have breakfast out on market day
and then take a bus up the hill with all the shopping.
I'm so lucky with a frequent bus service
and the bus stops just at the top of my street
isn't that wonderful?

Here are just some of the things that were bought:
Fresh green beans
Red peppers
Crisp salads
and luscious rich coloured apricots
to eat and to make a few pots of low sugar jam.
We ate the courgettes for lunch
with fresh ripe tomatoes
and basil leaves! 


  1. That sounds lovely! You're very lucky indeed. We did have a daily market in the town where the boys and I lived before we moved to the Eifel, and I dearly miss that market, cause I always got fresh fruits and vegetables there...

    1. Yes, it really is lovely to be able to go to the market twice a week. The quality is so fresh - and so superior to what can be found in the supermarkets. There are dozens of stalls all over town and you get to know the best ones for all the different items! The one above is perfect for salads and vegetables and I go to another for the best fruit!
      I can understand how you must miss your daily market.

  2. Such a luscious looking bounty, Sandra! Markets are so much fun. We have a couple family farm stands not too far from us that we like to visit. I agree, the quality far surpasses what we see in the supermarkets.

    1. Yes, we're so fortunate to have markets that we can reach easily. The choice at this time of the year is so vast too! The market still continues throughout the winter months, but there are less stalls and the choice is more limited because of the time of the year, but there are plenty of root vegetables, broccoli and lovely apples and pears and farm eggs too!

  3. Wish I had a wonderful looking market full of fresh produce like that! Our Saturday market is a very poor affair compared. xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. We are really spoilt with the wonderful huge markets here. The choice of produce at this time of the year is amazing! I'll be going down again tomorrow for more fruit and veggies and organic eggs! Maybe you have better markets you could go to in surrounding towns?

  4. You have a wonderful market. We mostly shop in grocery stores, but there are a few farmer's markets around. Fresh produce is so much tastier!

    1. Yes, we are lucky to have such a big and extensive market. I'll be going down again tomorrow, but all the gorgeous produce from last Wednesday has lasted until now! I'm glad you can also visit farmer's markets. The quality is so much lovelier than in the supermarkets.