Days 25 - 27: My Flowers


Despite the torrid heat during this month of July.
the flowers on my balcony garden have done pretty well.
There are so many of them that it's difficult to know where to start.

Pretty in Pink

Fresh yellow

A tiny red rose which was part of the Mother's Day plant arrangement
sent to me by my son this year.


Tiny Asters

Blue Campanula

and white too.

Geraniums: pale pink

and darker ones too.

Phlox in different shades

Here is a collage of the many different kinds of flowers in my window boxes and big pots this year

My flowers are my biggest joy in the summer months
and I eat all my meals outside
surrounded by their wonderful colours.

My herb garden is doing well too:
A Rosemary tree
A big plant of Basil which I use a lot
Lemon Verbena for herb teas
and mint.
I have run out of chives and must get a new plant!


  1. Amazing! All those glorious plants on one balcony! I'd want to eat all my meals out there too. What's the flower in the top right corner of your collage? It's beautiful. I wish I had a shaded spot for a hydrangea. I just love them. The white conical hydrangeas will tolerate the sun here, but not the blue or pink ones.

    1. Thank you, Susan! Yes, there is a huge choice of plants and each year I say I'm going to reduce the number of tubs and window-boxes, but I haven't managed that yet!
      The red and yellow flower on the upper right of my collage is a little dahlia!
      Good to know that the white conical hydrangea tolerate the sun. I have a spot on my balcony which is almost in the shade, thanks to a very long canvas awning!

  2. Your balcony is full of such beauty and color! You've made the perfect place to eat your meals!

    1. My balcony is like having an extra room in my apartment during the warm months of the year. I'm outside as much as possible: for meals, reading and writing and sometimes just day-dreaming. The colour and sweet scents of the flowers fill me with joy, so do the visiting bees and a few butterflies!

  3. So lovely! I just imagine you sitting on your balcony surrounded by these pretty flowers, bees lazily buzzing by, the sweet fragrances on a gentle breeze… Heavenly!

    1. Thank you, Marjan. My balcony is my haven of lovely flowers and colour!

  4. Looks like your balcony is a riot of colour. FANTASTIC.

    Oh, and good news . . . we have rain and cooler temps today! Hooray!


    1. Thanks, Sarn! I love the warmer months for all the flowers and colours on my balcony. I virtually live out there both for meals, reading, crochet and just chatting with a friend! So good to hear you have some rain at last and that the temperatures have dropped!