Day 4 - Sunlight and Shadows

Gentle morning breeze
The golden rays of sunshine
through the open door.

Early mornings,
my favourite time of the day.
I open all the French windows to let in the early birdsong
and wait for those first rays of sunhine
which fill my home with glorious sunlight.


  1. One of the things I do not like about winter is: all windows are closed. I know it's just in my mind, but I have the impression there's more air in the room, when the windows are open... Open windows: one of the things I like about summer!

    1. Open windows and billowing sheer curtains in the early morning breeze and then the sunshine illuminating everything, is my favourite summer scene!
      Thank you for popping in and telling me what you love about summer, Marjan!

  2. We are spoiled in America with keeping our homes cooled by air conditioners and therefore never feeling and breathing the morning air! It is so humid here, even if the summer air is cooler, it's still thick and hard to breath.

  3. Hello Cathy! Such a pity not to breathe the sweet early morning air! Since Switzerland is a mostly non air-conditioned country, we learn to deal with the heat differently. We also probably have it less humid and hot than many other countries.