The Last Day of March

Just in time to wish you a very Happy Easter!
I really hope that you've had a beautiful day.

The catkins are dancing in the breeze, blossom is showing us fluffy flowers
against a blue sky.
Daffodils are still blooming
Dark chocolate Easter bunnies have been nibbled
and Honey Cat is happy just to enjoy life and the sunshine on my balcony!

Some tender pink blossom bringing us joy

Stretching flowery boughs up to the blue of the sky.

Cheery daffodils all in a row

and yellow Forsythia after the rain.

The first butterfly of the season
enjoying the blossom.

One day this past week, I went down to the lake and walked along
a pathway lined with flowering Magnolia trees.

It had rained quite heavily the day before.
Despite the residual clouds, it was much warmer and there was fresh snow
on the mountain peaks.
I sat on a bench contemplating this view and treated myself
to a vanilla ice-cream on a stick, covered in dark chocolate!
Sometimes, you just have to do what you fancy, don't you?!

I hope these pictures and words find you in good spirits and enjoying
the good things that come your way.

See you sometime in April with more spring images.
In the meantime,
"Don't wait, love your life right now!"

My Blog Disappeared and Has Been Found


It's already the month of February 2024
and my blog disappeared for me last April 2023!
Don't ask me how or why, but here I am again.

This 2024 calendar was given to me by my son as it celebrates my special birthday
last year with a zero on the end.
He took me on an unforgettable holiday to France near a town called Annecy.
This was the view from my hotel room.
Wasn't I lucky!

It will impossible to catch up so many months from last year, but I will tell you about 
a very important decision I made!
I decided to adopt a little kitten!
Here she is at only 3 weeks old when I chose her from a litter of seven.

I named her Honey
She would be able to come and live with me when she was three months' old!

This is Honey when she came to live with me when she was three months old.
Her colouring is just coming in .
Her breed is British Shorthair and her colouring is called Golden Black-Shaded.

At three and a half months.
Her shading is more apparent and her eyes are changing from blue to a mixture of gold and green.

This is Honey now at ten months.
Her fur has thickened and is described as 'plush' and it's very soft and silky to the touch.
She's sitting on her adopted chair for which I crocheted a cover that matches her colouring and eyes!

You can tell, by the number of photos of my little cat in this blog entry,
that she has become a very important part of my life!
She has a sweet nature and loves to play.

At the beginning of February, my son and his wife came over from Canada
and they rented a chalet in the mountains, called Haute Nendaz.
My daughter and I went up to spend some time with them and enjoy the views and walk in the snow.
This photo was taken from their chalet at sunrise.

When the early morning sun illuminates the mountain tips.

So beautiful!

Here we are in the snow coming up the hill on a kind of moving escalator.
My son, his wife, me and my daughter with her arms outstretched!

Then it was Valentine's Day and out came my crochet hook to create hearts.
I even found heart-shaped candles.
I've had the two heart-shaped dishes for a while now.

These are double-sided and stuffed hearts and perfumed with Neroli to give to my walking group.
We get together every Friday to walk, sometimes in my neighbourhood,
sometimes higher up - or a little futher afield.
Neroli is an essential oil produced from the blossom of bitter oranges.
Its scent is sweet an honeyed, but definitely not sickly, thanks to green and spicy undertones.

A heart-shaped candle

Slightly bigger stuffed hearts, made for a family reunion.

A walk with family above the lake just before sunset.

On the same walk in the Lavaux area.

In my neighbourhood, the first signs of spring as the daffodils spear the autumn leaves
as they push through the earth!

About ten days' ago, the catkins were getting plumper and filling with pollen.
bobbing about against the lovely blue sky.

I took this photo this morning as I came off the bus from downtown marketing.
The catkins are getting very long now. 
They seem to be telling the holly bush, and red berries, in the background
that spring is definitely on the way.

I do hope that you are all well, those of you who still pop in to visit this photo journal.

Quote of the day:
"What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal
on what you bring to the New Year."