When Acorns Fall

Do you remember
when you were a child
and catching those first falling acorns
was such an exciting moment?

Sitting in the park the other day
my grandson and I were overjoyed to see the first acorns fall!
Balancing them on our noses, without laughing,
and looking up at the brilliant blue of the sky!

The first autumn leaf  landed among my asters

and children had decorated a young tree with colourful pom-poms
in the yard of the local community centre.

This summer has been changeable and moody and unpredictable
rather like a child leaving childhood
and moving towards adolescence.

I love the autumn
the cooler days
the clear skies
the colours.
I love living in a country with seasons
even if they don't quite know how to behave!

What's your favourite time of the year?


  1. Again those lovely photos. I do enjoy them. I am from above the artic circle and we did not have acorns, I remember one garden with an appletree, but that is it. Too cold up north. Now that we live in the south we have all that, but no acorns, they are from the fairytails ;o) I love freezing cold winter down to 25-30 minus. I love spring with the warmth of the sun all the flowers who comes back from last year. I love summer, especially up north with the midnightsun. The passed years it has been too hot, I don't like that, nor the pouring rain for weeks on end. Then finally comes autumn, with the clear sky and crisp mornings, the colors change from green to orangebrowns. The mountains in autumn *bliss*, can't ask for more. Sp above all, I love the seasons, and I am as you, thankfull that we do have them.
    Have a lovely sunday, I will finish my coffee and make a sweet pastry dough for lots of visitors today. All with their love for our fantstic Hovawart dogs.

  2. Such wonderful and colourful shots.

  3. Beautiful shots. For me Autumn is the star season with its nature borne colour rather than that which we cultivate like summer with flowers.

  4. I too love having all the seasons .
    i have to admit I rather enjoy being out in a snowy Winter more that a scorching humid Summer ~ luckily this years Summer has been delightful.
    Spring and Fall I love ~ they always seem to behave themselves .
    Your photos are spectacular .

  5. "Moody and unpredictable" is a great description for this summer! Summer is my favorite time of year as I love being nice and warm (and hot!), but as I've gotten older I've been able to embrace the cooler seasons and find things I love about them all!
    Kate :}

  6. What a pretty post. I miss oak trees, for some reason we do you have many in our area. Only a very few and they have been planted here. Maybe I will make a point of finding one in a nursery and bringing it home. Now that we have moved to the country I certainly have room to plant one. I'll do it in honor of Indiana, the place of my birth and childhood. There they grew wild and were everywhere:)
    Thank you again for this lovely post.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  7. Oh this time of year, the autumn is upon us and I am as happy as can be! I plan on looking for acorns tomorrow so I can start 'autumnising' the house and getting it ready for the cosy nights in! Have a wonderful week xx

  8. No oaks here, but I love the idea of acorns falling. I also like the idea of those cookies...mmmm. Your asters are beautiful. The aster wildflowers are starting to bloom here and also many gentian. I actually love this time of year, just before fall which is very short at altitude. The days are cool and flowers are still trying their best to bloom.

  9. lovely photos! I love Spring and Autumn too - but after last winter I'm not ready!! I"m hanging onto summer for as long as I can!

  10. Super cool color, love these so fun. You have combined summer and fall all into one.

  11. We have plenty of acorns here, but I've never put one on my nose. I'll remedy that problem soon! I'll even get my grandsons to do it with me! I walked out yesterday and the leaves were falling from one of our oaks. I got a little excited, I'm not a summer person. Give me winter any day!!

  12. Our acorns have been falling all summer, not quite sure what that means for this winter.

  13. Such lovely photos, Sandra, especially the one of the acorn cap on your grandson's nose! I love all of the seasons, and each for a different reason. For example, even though I truly dislike the cold of winter, it simply would never feel like Christmas if it weren't cold, and hopefully snowy. I feel very fortunate to live in an area that has the 4 very distinct and diverse seasons.

  14. Hi Sandra ! Have had some difficulties with my PC due to heavy thunder...... Now I´m trying to catch :-)
    Nice pics and thoughts ! I agree with Lisa above, I feel very greatful to live in a country that has 4 diverse seasons. The Autumn is gorgeous. I´ve been out thus morning catching moose (or do you say elk ?) - a cow with a calf in the misty morning. Coming on the blog soon :-)
    Best wishes !

  15. I still find acorns fascinting. My favourite times of the year are spring and autumn. Those astors are gorgeous. xxx

    1. I'm not sure what 'fascinting' means, but I of course meant fascinating.

  16. Lovely images of the end of summer! What fun to bake cookies, they look delicious! Here, too, some tress are already putting out their fall colors. The weather is so unpredictable these days. I do love autumn, but not quite so soon.

  17. This is so sweet. You are fortunate to have that time with your grandson. It looks like the two of you get a long very well. Gosh, I wish someone would make cookies with me, but I do have many that will eat them with me and that suits me OK. ;-)

  18. Spring and autumn are my favourites. I love the way you've shown several signs of autumn, yet it is still summer. Great images of your grandson too.

  19. Sandra, you and your grandson certainly have fun together! Where I currently live, summer is my favorite season - great temps, lovely lake, carefree :)

  20. Your photos are beautiful and I now really want to balance acorns on the end of my nose! I love autumn, I really do. Spring is also a happy time of year, with the extra light and warmth. Our English summers are too unpredictable for me too really love that season, but as long as the sun is shining I am happy. x

  21. I love the photos of your grandson and the memories you are making with him. Spending time with our grandchildren is such an important thing to me..doing things together that may be passed down to their children also. Summer is still hanging on here in South Carolina..the acorns are on the trees and I have taken several photos..waiting for one that will jump out at me and say "take my picture"! Autumn is my favorite time as the colors are more soothing to me but I also like spring with all its colorful fanfare! Great post and photos! I really like the collage with several photos as it tells so much more of your story than just words!

  22. Oh I loved your late summer photos and the one with your grandson balancing the acorn on his nose is a real charmer. I guess we didn't live around Oak Trees as a child because I don't ever remember balancing an acorn on my nose. But, it's never too late to try!!

  23. Ahh, what beautiful, colorful images and I just love seeing your handsome grandson cooking! Some of my favorite memories are of cooking with my sons when they were young. Autumn is my favorite season and I am so ready...bring on the crisp fall air, the sweater weather, apples, cider, pumpkins...I could go on and on!