Leaf Whisperings

On my kitchen tiles
Through the open door,
A tiny leaf blew in
I bent down low
to say hello

In the park
A golden light was calling my name

Come outside!
Whispered the leaves

as they sighed and swayed over their bed of autumn jewels

Come and drink in the light and see our tantalizing colours

Let your eyes be filled with wonder

Breathe in the sky and our golden glory
to fill your heart with happiness
for a cold winter's day!

When shadows flutter

When shadows flutter on my window
Like small birds imprisoned inside of me
That cannot fly away
When the world closes in
And seems so alienated...
Just stand still
Close your eyes
Let life in
It will come and fetch you
When you're ready
To see the light again
And let the soul shine through.

Swirling into October!

Turbulences ahead
The wind doth blow...

Colours cascade down in vibrating shades

As delicate as feathers
from an exotic bird

Each capture is never quite the same
as the one before

The shapes change
do I see a hint of stalks?

A touch of green ...
Could this be nature's paintbrush?

Or abstract art?

A little of both, says she, holding the camera!

How can that be?
A very slow shutter speed, from 0.3 - 1.30s
The settings on MF (manual focus)
and lots of fun panning
(deliberate camera movement)
the inspirational stars of the show:
Autum leaves.

Embracing Change

Walking in the grass
An autumn leaf said hello
And summer bowed out.

It seems as if things are getting on top of us
But are they really?
Or is it just us resisting the constant change around and within us?

The changing of the seasons, 
and maybe particularly autumn,
teaches us,
if we care to listen,
how to embrace change 
with serenity.