Flowery Interlude

Where do the days go?
Since my return from England, life has been so busy and I'm not quite ready
to put up my photos from England.
So I thought that a flowery interlude would be something nice to do!
This sunflower is growing in my neighbourhood.

The back view is just as beautiful!

A Magnolia bud discovered on a tree when walking up the hill to the local
Farmer's Market.

A joyful encounter!
Several tall stems of Hollyhocks have been planted by the roadside
at the base of one of the young trees along the road.

A Campanule growing in a planter.
Every single flower I see in town is a real joy to me!

My lavender on the balcony is preparing for a second blooming.
It has been wonderful this year.

A tiny flower among the petals on one of my Gaillardia blooms.
The bees just love these.

For the first time this year, I planted some Coneflowers.
botanical name: Echinacea.
They are very vibrant in colour and represents perfectly
the hot weather we are having right now.
Our heatwave is building up and by mid-week it will reach 34C (93.2F) in this area.
I avoid going out in the middle of the day and am thankful to have fans
in my living room and office here.

Now I need to get out for my early morning walk before the sun comes over the hill!

The little ant.
I added this photos after my walk.
The sun came up rather soon after I left home and I must get out earlier
to enjoy the cooler air.
I did love the sun shining behind this sunflower, showing up the lovely details.
Click on the photos to enjoy a full-screen view.

I'll be back with some highlights of England
when things are a little less busy
and hopefully,
a little cooler!

I hope you're enjoying summer wherever you live.
Remember to drink lots of water!