Wood Violets

Enchanting us with their presence in shady parts of the woods


Borage officinalis has many health benefits

Happy Easter!

"Home" film preview by Yann Arthus Bertrand

Lime Tree

A homely corner

There's nothing quite like a vase of lilac in spring 
to make our home feel welcoming and full of joy!

Apple Blossom buds

Little green visitor


A little boy contemplates
the pond
the ducks 
and this April moment
when the trees offer us
their freshest green.
Spring has returned!

Through the branches

One with Nature


Every year,
I go to the pond with my grandson
and we take a picnic.
This is what sweet childhood memories are made of!

Leaves unfurling

The magical time of the year
when nature awakens
in a burst of unfurling leaves
and glorious fresh green scenes to please all our senses.

Finding a place to grow

Natural beauty

Lakeside walk