Seeing life through rose-coloured glasses

Grey clouds and blue skies
have brought me colour in this month of July.

Talking about the weather
is rather like talking about life.
There are grey skies and storms and heavy rain
which sometimes seem to go on for ever.
when the sun comes out again
we can't help but smile
and notice the flowers
taste a strawberry smoothie
linger in the woods in dappled sunlight
and put on a happy dress.

So if seeing life through rose-coloured glasses
helps us see all the beauty which is around us.

Why not?

Sharing a Passion

Sharing this passion with my eleven year-old grandson!
He's already into iPod Touch photography
but when he came to stay this summer
he asked if he could try my big camera!

Shutter speed and f/stops are becoming familiar
and I'm so pleased I kept my old Sony SLR
so that we each have a camera when we go out together!

We went down to the park,
into the woods
and much of my apartment has been photographed
in amusing detail!

Our conversations have taken on such subjects
as rule of thirds, filling the frame and depth of field!
I love that he's taken this interest so early on
who knows if it will continue 
or if it will lead to anything.
For the time being, we're both having lots of fun.

Moments to treasure
and sweet souvenirs
from the summer of 2014.

At the end of July, I shall probably come to the end of my mosaic postings.
Time to discover other things
and tread new paths.

Lake Crossing

Living in a country in the middle of Europe
instead of an island
called Great Britain
I had to get used to not seeing the sea!
here in Switzerland there are lakes and mountains
and it was very easy to get used to their beauty!
I am lucky enough to live in the city but near the Lac Léman.

One of my biggest pleasures in the summer months
is to take a steam-boat to cross the lake!
Different cruises can be taken too with a meal included.
See former postings here: A Cruise on the Lake. Part One.
There are three parts if you care to scroll down them.

Just being on one of those elegant boats to cross the lake
feels like being on holiday!
I hardly sit down because I want to see all the lovely views.
Each boat has a name
and the one I travelled on above, on the left of the big picture,
is called "Simplon"
which is the name of  a Swiss mountain pass.

I love to see the young men with their coiled blue ropes
which they throw onto the shore to anchor the boat while 
everyone crosses the 'passerelle' or gangway.

My destination, the town of Evian,
is very clean and well kept to impress the tourists.
The flower beds are just beautiful
and it was here that I first discovered a flower called
Chocolate Cosmos which really does smell of chocolate!

Eating a salad out on a lakeside terrace
and then a refreshing dessert of 
peaches and strawberries.

After our rainy period
it seems we are back in the sun and rising heat again!

I hope that you are enjoying the season
in all the ways you love the most!

Rainy Day Creativity

Rainy days happen!
Could they be opportunities to become creative?
There are so many things I actually like to do which keep me inside
when the weather is simply gorgeous I don't really want to do them
let's bake some bread
make a vegetable casserole
and get out that crochet hook and colourful cotton!

Who cares if it rains sometimes?
With an umbrella and good shoes
we can even manage a walk or two!

Why am I making photo montages
which is not my usual style?
Well, it feels playful and is fun to do
and most of all, these montages tell a story in pictures.

It's nice to change our style and point of view sometimes
It's refreshing and allows us to see our lives anew.
After all, who wants to fall into a rut?

Come rain or shine,
perhaps you'd like to join me in the summer fun?
Let's play
and enjoy
whatever this day brings!

Crochet pattern link here

The Taste of Summer

A season where all our senses become alive.
Close your eyes and feel it on your skin
Listen to the sounds
the birdsong.
I love the peace on my street before the traffic starts up.
Leisurely breakfasts on the balcony
and, when the fridge is empty,
a walk to the shops to enjoy the glorious choice of fruit and vegetables
of the summer season.
Simple meals with a minimum of preparation.
The smell of ripe tomatoes and fresh basil
a trickle of olive oil, a little ricotta and a slice of homemade bread.

Not looking at the time.
Enjoying the moment
as if there were no other.

Noticing each tiny detail of the flowers on my balcony garden
Watching the bees as they collect pollen from my Snapdragons.
Sometimes doing all the things I love
Sometimes just being.
In the joy of life.

Isn't this what summer is all about?