Taking a Break

Sometimes in life
we just need to pause
and take stock
and shuffle our priorities a little.

Take time to smell the flowers

Create harmonious corners in our home

That allow us to enjoy shape and colour

To gather treasures from nature
and create a still life

Try it with spring flowers too
It's amazing what I found in my town environment!
The pollen from the catkins went just everywhere as you can see on the wooden surface!

We can create feelings of peace and beauty in our own homes.

Thank you to all those who follow my blog entries
and a special thank-you to those who take the time to leave comments
for they are always very much appreciated!

See you soon.
I'll be back in May!

Down to the lake

Whenever I feel like getting my fill of beauty
I go down to the lake

Let's pull back from the swan and take in our surroundings
the mountains
the vineyards
the pure April sky

the fascinating reflections and ripples

Look, the train is just passing
and the water reflections have taken on a pale green hue
from the vineyards above

We follow the lake's edge to breathe it all in

We pass the port with a few sailing boats

and take in the mountains from the water's edge

another swan sails by in shallow waters

Peering through the trees to the end of the lake

A broader view before turning round to walk back again

The view changes and so do the tones and colours

going towards the sun which makes the view paler and dreamy.
It is fortunate indeed to live only 15 minutes by car away from all these lovely scenes.

The different shades and intensity of the blues are forever changing
according to the natural lighting and which way my camera is facing and to my camera settings
The variations in hues are all natural and not due to editing.
I mention this because I have been asked in the past!


Tiny eggs in a nest of feathers


and sweeping

in an explosion of joy

and delicacy

with a message for your day!