Delicacy of the Butterfly Lavender

The bud, decorated with tiny dark purple flowers with a bright pink centre
to protect the folded wing-like garments of the
Butterfly Lavender

Unfolding petals in the sun

Stretching frilly petals in a shady spot

Kissed by the sun

Poised for flight

symbolize change and transformation.

The butterfly is symbolic of the soul and its freedom at the time of passing.

What's a girl to do?

What's a girl to do when it rains on her birthday?

She puts on her best smile 
and opens her umbrella

and feels a song coming on!

"Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face!"

" I walk down the lane 
with a happy refrain,
Just singing, singing in the rain!"


The blue skies of  May and Magnolia blooms

Poised with elegant beauty


Surrender to the sky

Elegantly nonchalant

In the language of flowers:
The Magnolia is associated with beauty and perseverance
and also with nobility and dignity.

It's May. Hurray!

The month of May
with clear blue skies

and blossoms sway gently in the breeze

with layers and layers of fragrant petals

and delicate beauty for our eyes.