Day 20 - In My Hand

Nestled in my hand

A tiny phlox bloom

Searched for the light

She had fallen from the plant
at the height of her beauty

Looking for a tender hand to save her from her plight.

I was lucky to capture these photos on my balcony just before the storm broke and the 
heavy rain fell, bouncing off the road and path.
Coolness at last!


  1. We've had stormy weather too, and are glad of the rain it has brought. Today it was cool enough to drink hot tea rather than iced. :)

    What a lovely little blossom fell into your hand! (Now I'm hearing Nat King Cole's voice in my mind, singing "A Blossom Fell".). :)

    1. So nice to see you pop in to say hello, Sue! I always rescue little fallen blooms and I have three of them floating in a small glass bowl right now! I think the strong winds before the storm dislodged a few flowers from their stalks.
      Doesn't the coolness after the storms feel great?!

  2. Lovely post! Lovely pictures! And we sure could do with some rain too…

    1. Thank you, Marjan! The rain did freshen up the air nicely, but when it heats up again, it will create a humid heat!

  3. How coincidental! We had a rather large storm come through here during the same night and it did bring cooler weather and this time didn't bring the humidity! Your photos of your little flower are so pretty!

    1. We are waiting for another storm and today has been the hottest and most uncomfortable day so far this year.
      This is the first time I've taken Phlox flowers and they are so very pretty! Thank you for catching up on my recent blog entries!