Let's go to Geneva

Here we are in the city of Geneva
with a view of the well-known landmark of the Jet d'eau (water-jet)
which rises to 140 metres (460 ft).
Wonderful to see and to feel the energy.

Crossing the Rhone River which flows into the lake,
called Lac Léman, towards the old part of town.

We could sit down at an outside terrace and have lunch
Let's do it!

Then a stroll through the Jardin Anglais (English Gardens)
and sit awhile on a bench.
The long-legged cyclist got that idea at the same time as I did!

What about a bike ride?
There's even a basket for a bottle of water and a bar of the best Swiss chocolate!

A boat pulls in
proudly flying the Swiss flag

Strong ropes are attached so that travellers can climb aboard.

The queue of waiting passengers starts to move

which gives me an excuse to leave the hustle and bustle
and concentrate on that lovely big boat chimney
and the captain's cabin.
That water-jet gets in all the captures!

...and off they go.
Bon voyage!

I'll be taking a little trip of my own
but I'll be back sometime in July.
Be good while I'm gone...
See you soon!

The Last of the Violas

My balcony garden loves to be full of flowers
and the first ones I plant are always pansies and violas.

But at some point in time, they start to grow very leggy
and it's time for me to pick them in profusion
and fill my pots and tiny vases with these
delicate blooms.

I love the variety of their colours

and the watercolour reflection of these on the glass surface

Playing with reflections

and on the kitchen table
the tiniest yellow jug you could ever imagine!

These flowers make me happy...
I think it's those little pansy faces that seem to be looking at me
to say hello!