The Last Day of March

Just in time to wish you a very Happy Easter!
I really hope that you've had a beautiful day.

The catkins are dancing in the breeze, blossom is showing us fluffy flowers
against a blue sky.
Daffodils are still blooming
Dark chocolate Easter bunnies have been nibbled
and Honey Cat is happy just to enjoy life and the sunshine on my balcony!

Some tender pink blossom bringing us joy

Stretching flowery boughs up to the blue of the sky.

Cheery daffodils all in a row

and yellow Forsythia after the rain.

The first butterfly of the season
enjoying the blossom.

One day this past week, I went down to the lake and walked along
a pathway lined with flowering Magnolia trees.

It had rained quite heavily the day before.
Despite the residual clouds, it was much warmer and there was fresh snow
on the mountain peaks.
I sat on a bench contemplating this view and treated myself
to a vanilla ice-cream on a stick, covered in dark chocolate!
Sometimes, you just have to do what you fancy, don't you?!

I hope these pictures and words find you in good spirits and enjoying
the good things that come your way.

See you sometime in April with more spring images.
In the meantime,
"Don't wait, love your life right now!"


  1. Gorgeous photos Sandra. The different varieties of magnolia blossom have been fantastic in my area this year. Have really enjoyed nature showing off her big blooms in white, pink and magenta.

    Treats are definitely in order every now and then. I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter egg.

    Happy Easter Monday to you and Honey. Xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. It must be a good year for Magnolia as they've been wonderful here too and the later varieties are still blooming! So glad you enjoyed your Easter egg! My chocolate bunny is currently without its ears! So lovely to see you here again!

  2. Happy Easter to you Sandra. Yes spring is wonderful. In my garden all spring flowers bloom and since yesterday, the first rhodo is in blossom. Very early. Your pics are as wonderful as ever. I like the view over the lake to the mountains.
    All the best, Gabi

    1. Hello Gabi! So lovely to have you visit. Your garden sounds beautiful. Yes, spring is such a wonderful and colourful time of the year. There will be more lake shots in April too!

  3. Oh, your spring photos are just delightful, Sandra! We have had so, so many rainy cloudy days here that I love seeing your flowers and trees in bloom. The lake is lovely, too. Is that Lake Lucerne? I am just curious as we are taking a river cruise down the Rhine and then traveling to Lake Lucerne and Lake Como for a few days. We'll be going in the fall with my sister and brother-in-law and we're all very excited! I am especially excited to see the mountains. Hope your April continues to be a beautiful month for you.

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Carol! I will soon be doing anothere Spring blog entry as everything is so very beautiful right now! The lake I show here is Lake Léman which is in the Lausanne area where I live. The Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) is very beautiful and you will love the cruise there. Your trip sounds wonderful!

  4. A late Happy Easter, sorry! It's very nice to find you here again and see your beautiful pictures.
    Have a nice afternoon,

    1. Hello Miriam, so lovely to have you visit again! I plan on doing a blog entry each month which won't feel overwhelming yet still show seasonal pictures from each month. See you again soon!

  5. Your crochet work are wonderful as usual. It's nice to relax and look at your beautiful photos.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you , Lissa. I usually have some sort of crochet work on the go. It's such a lovely creative passion! I am planning to do one blog entry a month as that feels comfortable and about right for me!

  6. Wow, you were way ahead of us on spring blossom. Trees here are just beginning to bloom. Such lovely photos as always, and Honey Cat is simply adorable. I especially loved the pink blossom and the forsythia with raindrop. I hope April has been good to you, with plenty of flowers and ice cream! :)

    1. Hello Sue! So lovely to have you visit. Our spring has been earlier than usual and the blossoms have been just wonderful. I must do another blog entry to show them. The beginning of April was warm and then we got sunshine mixed with rain and strong, cold winds!

      Honey Cat is a real sweetie and I just love having a cat around the home! She's very playful too!