Early Morning Walks

During our heatwave, with temperatures reaching 32C,
I've been doing my walks very early in the morning.
Sometimes leaving home as early as 5.30 am.
Many of my outings have taken me to one or other of the parks. 
I did love these bright pink Hollyhocks.

The bees love them too

I often go down to the bigger park as I love the tall trees there
and the little pond with a bench right next to it.
This is the very early morning sunshine.

Here's another entrance and I really appreciate the shade of those beech trees.
The path is still wet as it rained in the night.

Don't you just love being surrounded by greenery?

I took this photo this morning around 7 am, just as the sun rose high enough
to filter between the trees and illuminate the grass.

There are beautiful flower beds of hydrangea

Both dark and lighter pink

Here's the little pond and you can see the bench on which I sat to have my picnic breakfast.

There are lily pads and lots of waterlily buds

The Agapanthus flowers are starting to open
against a bubbly green and blue bokeh in the background.

One morning, I sat by the fountain and a tiny robin perched on the lower part.
You can see him on the left in front of the pink hydrangeas.
Click on the photo to see all images in a larger size.

One morning, I met a friend in the nearby lakeside town of Morges.
I have to take the train to get there and I left home at 6 am
to be there before 7 am.
We sat at a lakeside terrace with this lovely view to have breakfast.
It was so hot that particular day, that we walked in shady spots 
and finished up on on a bench in the shade to eat a water ice and drink water!

Two more delicate Agapanthus looking fresh and summery against a house
with closed shutters.

A collage of the flowers blooming on my balcony garden right now_
Geraniums, Carnations, Begonias, Zurfinia (in the middle) and yellow daisies.

The Begonias on their own with the greenery from a big tree to the right of my balcony.

My homegrown strawberries
which were small but delicious.

My lavender which the bees just love

The Gaillardia flowers as they develop. 
They are just in front of the kitchen.

As for crochet, I made a sunflower granny square and then a second one
to make a little shoulder bag which is useful for my mobile phone, keys and a small purse
when I go out locally with my camera.

I've also started a new project in the form of a ripple throw in fresh colours.
 I crochet less when it's hot, but even a row or two helps the projects move forward.

I hope that you have been enjoying this month of June.
It's lovely to have the longer days, but I prefer it when it isn't too hot!
My favourite temperatures are between 20 and 24C.
How about yours?

The Month of Roses

Down by the lake in Ouchy, there's a really lovely rose garden
with mostly climbing roses.
I really liked these single blooms.

Lovely layers of petals in this one.

Such a beautiful rich orange colour and petals full of curves

Another rose from the same plant but with a touch more pink in the petals.
The colour changes as the flowers mature.

Pretty in yellow and perfumed too.

Cascading pink roses with a little visitor in the central flower.

A touch of apricot against the blue sky.

Very bright pink in a shady spot with filtered sunlight.

I do love this colour in a rose which is a lovely soft orange.

Yellow tinged with pink taken in my neighbourhood

The single roses have their charm like this delicate yellow one

and another in pink with a visiting insect.

One of my favourites so far because of all those marvellous petals.

One day, we took a short train trip to the lakeside town of Montreux
There were still some rhododendrons blooming.
One of the steamboats was passing and I know that I'll soon be tempted to take a little cruise.

I've put up a photo of this modern hanging art before, but I love framing part of the
landscape in the circle!

A swan couple were obviously intent on becoming a couple.

as they swam back and forth and around in circles in an aquatic dance.

A sailing boat with the well-known Dents-du-Midi mountain chain in the distance.

The steamboat and the mountains on the French side of the lake.

We had a delicious lunch on an outside terrace overlooking the lake.
The yellow parasols were most welcome on a hot day.

I've been adding rows to the Birthday Rainbow Blanket.
Last time I showed the nine central squares, 
this photo shows the second row and the start of the third row of smaller granny squares.

Now a few rounds of border in something called a 'block stitch'

Here it is almost finished with just a couple of rounds more to go.

I hope that you like roses as much as I do!
I've shown so many here as this blog is also for me to look back on
and remember all the wonderful things I see each month of the year.

Bee Happy!
With a joyful music clip to listen to.
Just click on the words below:

"Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry, be happy
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry, you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry, be happy now!"
written by Bobby McFerrin, American folk and jazz artist.

On this joyful note, I wish you a beautiful month of June.
It's getting pretty hot here - around 30C at the hottest time of the day.
The best time for walks is in the early mornings and after supper when the day has cooled off.

Goodbye May!

Beautiful Redbud growing very near my neighbourhood.

I can't believe how quickly the month of May has gone.
Every day I wanted to make a new blog entry, but there was always something else
which seemed to take all my attention.
So I'm making a new entry before I go to bed on the last day of the month.

The Dogwood flowers have been especially beautiful this year.

They look so lovely against that light blue sky.

Sitting in the park one day in the shade of the chestnut trees which were in flower.

A small wild flower growing among the wild grasses in the park.

The Rhododendrons have been simply gorgeous.

The tender pink of the Abelia bush taken on an early evening walk in my neighbourhood.

My birthday is in the middle of the month of May
 and this lovely card was from my son and his wife. 
It's beautifully embroidered!

I went with a friend to stay a night in a hotel above the lake and near the town of Vevey.
The view from there is stunning.
Here is one of the statues on the patio!

There are five different very realistic sculptures around the hotel.

This one of the young couple is amusing!

This is the patio where we had a delicious birthday lunch under the parasols.
We were so lucky with the weather.
Towards the evening that was a storm with thunder and lightning and we witnessed the most
amazing double rainbow.

The sky turned black and we watched it through the dining-room window.
It was most impressive.
A double rainbow for my birthday!

The next morning before breakfast, I had a lovely long swim in the hotel's pool.
Sheer bliss!

There were two other ladies already swimming in the pool when I arrived at 6.45 am
I waited till they left before I took the photos

The patio adjoining the pool

Here is my individual birthday cake: dark chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries.

Multi layers of peachy coloured rose petals.

I started a new crochet project which I've called: Birthday Rainbow Blanket!

I've recently discovered a new way of joining crocheted granny squares.
It seems to be working well.

The first nine squares are joined and there will be more to show next time.

A newly painted electric wires box.
'Love is in the air'!

In memory of a loved one, forever close to my heart.
The words are by Theodor Seuss Geisel.

May has been mostly sunny and we even had a few days of heatwave
with temperatures around 30C.
Too hot for me and I was relieved when it cooled down to about 23 degrees.

Tomorrow, it will already be the month of June.

I just wanted to add this little drawstring bag I made from a pattern.
The red,white and blue is in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.
I kept a souvenir postage stamp of the Queen, then Princess Elisabeth, when she gave
a radio broadcast with her sister, Margaret.
It was an encouraging message to all British children during World War II.
What an amazing Queen.
Maybe some of you, like me, have been watching the interesting programmes of the
celebrations on the BBC on television.
Link to the pattern by SewHappyCreativ