My life, right now.

Summertime means reading on the balcony surrounded
by my flowers and sipping peppermint or lemon verbena tea.
Deliciousness in every way!

Creating things with my crochet hook and soft colourful yarns
is something I really enjoy.
The current project is a pastel-coloured mandala to brighten a dark corner in my home.

Photography has become my passion!
The more I practice, the more I learn...
and the more I learn, the more I want to leave my comfort zone
and tread the untrodden path.
The art of photography brings me into total awareness
of the now.

Breakfast outside, facing the trees in a nearby small park
hearing the birds sing
and savouring the moment!
Now that's what I call Living with a capital L!

Joining in the monthly meeting with others here:

In The Picture

A cruise on the lake. Part three.

Did I tell you that lunch was served on board?
The first course and the dessert were the most exciting parts
because of the fabulous decoration.
I'm sure you want to see how it was inside too!

Need I say more....?!
Did you notice that I signed my name in chocolate too?
The chocolate interior was a mixture of smooth and structured 
with little interesting crunchy bits!

There was plenty of time to walk around the boat.
This passenger is looking out from the window on the lower deck
where the restaurant is.
I love staring out across the lake as the far end disappears
and makes me almost feel as if I'm out at sea.

It seems to be a tradition to have a feminine figure at the prow of boats.
I like her flowing golden robes.

and here is the stern end of the boat.
Did you see?
There are still two deck-chairs free on the upper deck?
If you hurry, you can join the next cruise!

The last horn for late arrivals blares out
and the paddle wheels churn up the water prior to departure.
Did you make it?

Off she goes...

Isn't she a beauty?
Look at that chimney and the gold writing just below the flag.
Can you see the captain in his look-out perch?
Look at all those happy people on the upper deck!

A last graceful turning curve and a new destination to the end of the lake.
Au revoir!
Bon voyage!

In 2010, "La Suisse" steam paddleboat celebrated its 100th birthday.
The boat holds 1200 passengers
sits around 254 people in the dining areas.
The length of the boat is 78 metres and the width is 15.90 metres.

In case you missed the beginning of the lake cruise, just scroll back
to see parts one and two!

A cruise on the lake. Part two.

This lakeside village is called Saint-Saphorin and is famous for its delicious wines.
The vineyards are ideally situated on the steep south-facing slopes
overlooking the Lake Léman.

Our paths cross a smaller boat going in the opposite direction

and we pull away from the vineyards and villages to get a larger view
of the sky and surrounding mountains.

A structured blue rope hangs nonchalantly  awaiting its moment of importance
when the time comes to attach the boat before disembarkment.

The surface of the water takes on a whole new exciting rolling and foamy aspect
as the boat moves forward

and the life-buoys decorate the summer sky reassuringly.

The conclusion of this lovely outing will be coming in a  couple of days.

A cruise on the lake. Part one.

The pleasure of watching the steam boat come in and to go aboard
for a three-hour summer cruise.

The crowds move forward to enter the boat
and I lag behind to capture the flowers.

Our journey takes us past Chillon Castle which was made popular
by Lord Byron, who wrote "The Prisoner of Chillon".
The castle is very old and the first written records
date back to the mid 12th century.

We see the charming Château du Châtelard in Clarens, placed on a hillside
with sloping vineyards.
These days, the castle can be rented for weddings, banquets and seminars.
You can even sleep there overnight.

We pass an elegant sailing boat with a lot of standing room!

As the boat sails towards the far end of the lake,
the imposing "Dents du Midi" mountains seem to close-in on us.
This chain of mountains is three kilometres long
and the highest, called "La Haute Cime", is 3257 metres high.

This was an amusing interlude: on one of our stops, a small boat circled
around our bigger one playing the most cheerful little tunes
on a steam-organ (see the pipes with the steam).
We were all delighted and clapped and waved and cheered to the 
steam-organ master who waved back with a big smile on his face!

The life of petals

Have you ever looked at the astonishing beauty of a petal?

The soft curve

or been surprised by an unexpected and busy visitor!

The dried petals take on a movement of their own
and the seeds ripen.

Tiny buds unfurl in the warmth of the morning sun

Breathing in the intense colour...

and marvelling at the transformation at each stage
in the life of petals.

Lavender Blue

"Lavender's blue, dilly dilly
Lavender's green,

When I am king, dilly dilly,
You shall be queen.

Who told you so, dilly dilly,
Who told you so?
'Twas my own heart, dilly dilly,
That told me so."

"Lavender Blue", an English folk song and Nursery Rhyme 
dating back to the seventeenth century.

Flowery Paradise

As soft as a baby's breath

Leaning towards the sun

with blushing petals

and the sweetest profile in my garden!

Floating in the sky

The wind is Nature's artist in the sky

A tiny propeller plane wants to be in the picture

A flock of cloud sheep seeking their shepherd

The mountains stare up in wonder as they contemplate the snowy valleys and peaks

Late afternoon fluffiness with a touch of pink

as shapes come and go and transform before our eyes.

How nice to be a tree
and forever admire the changing sky.
The tree tops pull our gaze above
lest we forget
how to really see...