The joys of autumn

The autumn colours are all so beautiful that I would like to include them all - but the pictures would be never ending! Experience the beauty and go out into nature and surround yourself with the joys of autumn!

Trees, the lungs of the Earth

Mossy Steps

Through the gate

Caucasian Elm

Such amazing trunks

and a feeling of strength and wisdom

Twisted branches like some long-legged creature stepping through the greenery

Beautiful grounds

Morning sun

Plane Tree

An Oriental atmosphere

Visiting Batsford Arboretum in The Cotswolds in England, I came to the Oriental Garden.

Here is a Japanese lantern made of stone:

Japanese bridge:

The Bronze Buddha:

Red Maple

Larch branches

About squirrels

What is it about squirrels that fascinates us and makes us laugh?

The American Oak leaves contrast their autumn colours with the pure October sky
Burying  acorns for a later snack...

Tagore, Gordon Square Garden

Quiet seclusion and evening sun

Late summer garden