Easter Day

A recent spring bouquet,
the prettiest I have ever received,
contained three beautiful red Anemone

Five tulips

Yellow Ranunculus

and soft pink ones

Soft salmon pink
on a rainbow of my latest crocheted Mandala

A whisper of petals.

On my daily walks
I have encountered beautiful Magnolia

Such lovely lines

Both these trees are in my neighbourhood.

The Lilac is just starting to bloom
early this year.

I've so enjoyed crocheting a new
Waterlily Mandala.
I have changed the edging a little from the original pattern.

Primula from my balcony
in the traditional crown-shaped vase I use for small flowers every spring.

It wouldn't be Easter without some good dark Swiss chocolate!
Don't you love the gold sprinkles between his ears?


April is Dressed in Pastels

These are starlings up high in the tree against the blue of a lovely spring sky!
I love that we have birdsong in the early mornings and evenings again.

Tiny ferns are appearing in walls which are also decorated in lichen and moss.

Wild Plum Blossom
Scattering petal confetti on the paths

So I need to take photographs of this blossom now and not tomorrow!

I love the dark centres and the colourful leaves just opening up.

The four Forsythia bushes along the path leading to my building
are in full bloom.

Their petals are so luscious

I could bury myself in their glorious haze of yellow!

A bright splash of colour from a Camellia bloom seen along a lakeside walk.

Tulips in a vase at home give me an excuse to create a collage.

I've always loved feathers and have had this little green and grey one for 
a very long time. 
The silver pendant is also a feather.

The details are better seen through a macro lens.

I've just finished a Magnolia Mandala as a gift
from a beautiful pattern here:

I chose the colours for a lady who is about to take her retirement
and go and live in the mountains.
The colours represent mountain lakes and greenery
and beautiful sunsets.