Soft Layers of Blue

The sky, the mountains and the water 
merge together to give a feeling of peace and inner quiet.

A little rowing boat keeping its reflection company
and bringing in tones of aqua.
The faraway mountains
take on a delicate shade of violet
three little moorhens glide by
on the smooth surface of the water.

The small breeze 
creates gently undulating ripples
sailing boats sail back and forth with gracefulness
and reflections reach out to me
and pull me into the scene.

It would be a pity not to include a picture of the Mont Blanc
whose summit is covered in snow the whole year round.
This is the highest mountain in the Alps and the European Union
and it rises to 4.810 m (15.781 ft).
It's location is between the Aosta Valley in Italy
and the Haute Savoie in France

A framed picture of loveliness
to take home with me
and savour the inner stillness I still feel
when I observe them again, remembering the beauty of the day.



will be yesterday


I saw a poster with these words:
sera hier demain..."

This simple phrase made me think about things a little differently.

Today is the only tangible reality we have
and remember
tomorrow never comes
for when it's here
it's today!

What about yesterday?
Well, that too had its turn to be in the limelight
when it was called: today!

if today is the only day there is
let's live it fully
with  gratitude
for the little joys we can find
in each day

like noticing the dance of the bare branches
in a puddle we happen to encounter.

The Child Within

Years later, they would remember this moment,

The two children sat on a rock near the lake's edge
 looking through the curtain of overhanging branches of a weeping willow.

The sparkles on the water in the late afternoon sun held their gaze.
The little boy and his big sister had been playing
and now they sat quietly together without speaking,
seeming content to observe and take in their surroundings.

The children's grandmother was sitting a little further away, 
keeping a watchful eye.

When I see scenes like this, I enter into the world of childhood again
and see life through a child's eyes, remembering the feeling
 and how each day was a new adventure to be embraced with enthusiasm.

I believe that within each  and every one of us,
there is a small child ready to be amazed by each tiny detail of life.

We all hold within us the capacity to live fully in the moment, 
where time stands still and thought-forms pass like fluffy clouds in the sky
and dissolve into nothingness.

Nothingness is sometimes the perfect state to be in.
What do you think?

October's Whisperings

A puddle after rain
blue sky captured
A leaf framed

Bark and moss
provide a homely texture
for golden leaves aflutter

Copper leaves
dance against
the remnants of summer.

Can you hear October's whisperings?