What if My Marble Were the Moon?

I want to offer you something poetic.

Walking along the lake on Saturday 27 May,
I noticed this charming statue of a little boy
standing on the top of a ladder with his arm stretched to the sky
holding a marble.

There is quite a long poem written. in French, between the rungs of the ladder.
Here is an extract:

"... And if my marble were the moon?"

"On his ladder in the mist,
he is as light as a feather,

He looks towards the sky
which has lost its honey-coloured planet,

He offers his only possession
as if ... his marble were the moon."

DeLa Perouze

Statue by artist: Sara.H
It was erected in 2015.

A May Birthday

I've always loved having my birthday in the month of May
It's in the springtime which is my favourite time of the year.
Rituals are created
and the main one consists of having breakfast out!
If the weather is warm and sunny, an outside terrace down by the lake
is the very best place to be!
A basket of assorted breads and croissants,
a freshly squeezed juice and a good coffee.
If a pretty birthday card is presented, it is put on show like this one.

Here is my favourite birthday breakfast outside terrace under white parasols.
It's at the Hôtel d'Angleterre.

After a leisurely breakfast,
a long walk along the lake in Ouchy
admiring water reflections on the way.

The weather-vane shows that a light north-easterly wind is blowing
and that's just perfect to keep the clouds at bay and the weather fine.

A beautiful steam-boat glides by on tranquil waters.
I laughed to see the formation of fluffy white clouds
 as if they were escaping from the boat's chimney!

We walk past sandy beaches and see the outline of the mountains
on the French side of the lake.

Just the right amount of breeze for this little sailing boat.

The furthermost tip of the coastline is where we're going to have lunch
in the village of St-Sulpice.
The walk from Lausanne takes about two hours at a leisurely pace.

This is the view from above the village
before taking a bus and metro back home again.

A special birthday cake that was waiting for me:
Chocolate Truffle with fresh raspberries within the mousse-like filling!

It wouldn't be the month of May without my favourite flowers:

Lily of the Valley


and  gorgeous peonies.

If your birthday is also in the month of May
perhaps you love these flowers too.

If not, I'm sure you have favourite things from your month of birth!

In the Palm of My Hand - Scene & Story April 2017

What are you thinking with that serious little face as you look at the photographer?
Can't you see that it's your daddy holding a black box?
He's sure to be making silly faces to make you smile!
But you look back gravely, wondering what all the fuss is about!

Ah! Little girl, if I could be your Fairy Godmother 
and bestow upon you only love and laughter in your life,
I would do so.

There are so many years ahead, so many things to learn.
That is what it's all about really. Learning.

Life is unexpected and it meanders where it will and we follow as best we can.
There will be laughter, there will be love and that is what keeps us going
when the times are tough.
You believe me, don't you?
You see, I know these things for I have lived them.
My years have often been filled with laughter and I have loved and been loved.
There have been tears, but the joy for life has always returned.
This is the resilience we learn through our life experiences.

I look at you with emotion and tenderness, holding you protectively.
Accepting, for the most part, what has been
 and doing my best to live each new moment
with an open mind.
No one knows what lies ahead, ever.
But we continue our journey - taking just one day at a time.

I hold you in my heart, little child, looking at me in the palm of my hand.
Don't be afraid, it will all turn out just as it should.

Here we are, little you and grown-up me. 
One and the same for all eternity.

Baby photo taken by my dad and mounted on a cut-out piece of aluminium.
I was told that this photo was always on his desk when I was little.


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