Sunny Days and Storms

Wild roses growing in my neighbourhood and discovered on my early evening walk.

We've been having sunny and even hot days, but also storms
Everyone is taking advantage of the sunshine like this lady reading on the beach,
her bicycle parked nearby.

One Sunday morning, we had breakfast out on an outside terrace overlooking the lake.

We sat under white parasols which you can see here
and which are part of Ouchy Castle.

There's something special about being beside the water. 

A little rowing boat looking very serene in this calm scene of blues.

When the wind picks up, the sailing boats appear.

One of the big steamboats waits passenges to take a cruise.
I didn't go this time, but I will soon be tempted to take an evening cruise!

I love watching the dancing reflections on the side of the boat.

There was a swan sitting on her nest.

Rocks at the water's edge and the water making a lapping sound.

A framed poster giving the name of the town and the port of Ouchy

Another poster depicting Lausanne Cathedral above
and the lake below.

I'm sure you can guess what this is with the suspended 'pods'!

It's the Big Wheel and we went on for a ride!

One of my crochet projects this month, was to make a garland of stars
to hang over the head of my bed.

I chose the colours to match my new bedspread!
I like these aqua, blue and green colours for the bedroom. 
they remind me of calming and refreshing watery scenes and make me feel peaceful.

Do you have favourite colours for your bedroom?

I'm going away for a few days tomorrow.
A little trip with my daughter.
I feel sure that I'll be sharing some photos of our time together.
The weather in June has been often sunny, sometimes too hot and humid
and sometimes stormy at the end of the day or at night.
I'm enjoying the cooler days now between 20 and 24C
but it could soon be heating up again.

See you soon.
Thank you for your kind comments and visits!

Out and About

Mother swan and her four cygnets
Always so touching to see on the lake.

The month of May seemed more rainy than usual with rather few really beautiful days,
but I did get out and take photos when the weather was sunny and dry.
So I have some photos from the sunny days in May that I still would like to remember
through my blog!

These water Iris were just starting to come into bloom.

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in the month of May
and I received this beautiful bouquet from my son.

I met up with my daughter and grandson.
We had a lovely lunch together at home and then went for a walk down by the lake.

The Lilac bushes were in full bloom in my neighbourhood and my evening walks
were filled with their fragrance.

The deep purple flowers seemed to have a particularly lovely scent.

On one of the sunny warm days, it was lovely to walk along the edge of the forest
for coolness. The moss was so prettily illuminated by the filtered sunlight.

I do love to see the Chestnut Trees in flower.

I love collecting conkers too in the autumn!

Birthday collage.
My birthday falls in the middle of the month of May.
Three of my birthday cards, a gorgeous Peony flower and a picture
by Loretta Grayson entitled "Still I Rise"
I love her art.

Some beautiful pastel roses in memory of someone important in my life
for May 27th.

The Rhododendrens have put on a beautiful show of colourful flowers

They look especially lovely against a blue sky.

Or behind some railings.

The Dogwood flowers stayed in bloom for a long time.

I love seeing red poppies growing in the long grasses.

I even passed some sheep enjoying the luscious long grass when I climbed the hill from the station
to visit my daughter who lives out of the town centre.

A collage of my balcony flowers:
Blue Campanula, Daisies, Asters, Osteospermum, Bidens and the tiny lavender stalks
not quite in bloom.

My latest crochet project which is a lovely pattern from

It is called 'Mitered Blossom Dishcloth,
but I think it makes a really pretty mug mat.
The loop can be useful to hang it up on a hook in the kitchen.

The Month of June

Even though the month of June has arrived, I still have some spring flowers
that I meant to share here in the month of May,
but I never found the right moment to do a new blog entry,
for that, you need the time and the right mood,
especially the latter!

The above scene is taken from the big tulip park in the town of Morges.
The aptly named Tulip Trees were coming into leaf.
I just love the fresh green of spring, don't you?

The fresh green leaves of the Tulip Trees against the blue of the sky.

We got to the park nice and early to enjoy the park with a minimum of visitors.
It had rained in the night, leaving big puddles behind.
In the heat of the summer, these big overhanging trees create very welcome shade.

The late blooming tulips were still on show and was sheer joy to walk among them
and see all of their beautiful colour combinations.

A walk along the lake in the same town of Morges shows the lovely plantations, 
like this beautifully shaped yellow tulip.

Pretty in pink with pink Forget-me-nots

A closer shot without the lake in view to see the opening petals even better.

Elegant red and white stand tall and proud.

Deep pink against the dark water.

A sailing boat with the Mont Blanc Mountain in the background.

Sunshine yellow flowers growing against the railings of a lakeside home.

The beautiful Irises were just coming into bloom.

Something a little different!
After a beautiful and long morning walk, we stopped for lunch on an outside terrace.
I just loved the reflection of my glass of red wine shining on the white tablecloth.
In the base of the actual glass, you can see the reflection of the blue sky!

This was my first trip of the year out into the country to walk alongside the fields
and in the woods above the town.
I can get there by taking a bus, the metro and another bus.
It sounds like a lot of travel, but when connections are good, 
this lovely area can be reached in about thirty minutes.
I love visiting when the dandelions are in bloom.

Here is a wider angled view showing the blue of the sky mixed with soft clouds.
I chose this photo as my header today.
I just love being in the country, the peace of it all and being so close to nature.

Aren't Dogwood flowers beautiful, both in shape, style and colour?
These grow in front of a school in the neighbourhood above mine. 
I love to visit them each year when they're in bloom.

Another point of view against a dappled background of sky and trees.

Walking through the small park to go back home through the quiet streets.
I used to take my grandson here often when he was younger,
there are such good climbing frames at the other end.

These are the pansies from my balcony-garden this year. They have been doing so well.

Now I'm back into the swing of doing a new blog entry,
I've decided to do them regularly during the month of June.
I have so many photos to share taken during the sunnier days.
We have had such mixed weather during May and now in June too!

I hope that you are enjoying sunny days
 and doing all the things you love to do at this time of the year!

My latest crochet work:
Four crocheted coasters for a friend's June birthday.

I love making coasters and mandalas in the form of doilies.
When they're for gifts, I choose the colours I think will suit the person who will receive them.

These chosen colours make me think of sunshine and blue skies.

Here is a link to the site where I found the lovely pattern: