Autumn Kaleidoscope

Have you ever really looked at the tiniest of details in an autumn leaf?

It is possible to see the outline of each individual cell

The ever-changing colours fascinate us every single year.

A kaleidoscope of shapes and colours 
speak to all our senses
both visual and emotional.

Each line leads us on a different journey

And the fragility of an autumn leaf
reminds us of the eternal cycle of life.


Tiny buds unfold

showing off velvet petals

Turn towards the light

to bathe in sheer transparency

The flower's name comes from the Greek word for

It is said that the anemone has a connection with magical fairies
who are believed to sleep under the petals after they close at sunset.

I wonder if they have to shake the pollen out of their wings in the morning?

September green

September lighting gives us that special limpid pureness that lights up
all the greens of nature

and for a fleeting moment
it feels like spring!

The berries tell us another story, but we try not to listen...

The woodland areas allow us to enter the mystery and beauty of the changing season.

In the park,  an outside table,
a little brown leaf
and entered my awareness
without a sound.

When the sky dances under our feet

When the rising sun comes out to play

a simple path becomes a painting

where sky and trees intermingle with sunlit metal

and tall shadows point the way
 as we linger and gaze
to see the ever-changing beauty beneath our feet

and follow the golden path
to lead us where it may.