Taking the time

Have you ever noticed how much a child
lives each moment so fully?
Painting stones is so absorbing as the creative energy
is allowed to run freely.

What can be so interesting as we walk in nature?

It has been raining so there are plenty of them
along the path we have chosen to walk.

A new pretty shell is chosen for his collection!

Look at this one which has been broken.
What is the snail's story?


Every single thing is a reason to stop and observe
and children show us how important it is to take the time to do this
in a world where so much frantic rushing seems to exist.

Such fascination in the shapes of  these shells
which once held a living being.

and now it's time to climb and play

totally in the moment

feeling all those lovely stones under summer sandals

and to rest at the end of the day with furry friends!

Children teach me how to take the time
to enjoy each moment fully
excluding all else
this moment!

I feel so lucky to have a grandson
with whom I have a privileged relationship
and feel blessed when I am in his company.

At the end of my day

As I leave the house, I pass the iris leaning softly into a sea of green leaves

I notice shapes and details and colours as I stroll and unravel my day

tiny grasses sway and tremble on Nature's summer blanket

and a single stem brings me back to simplicity

Fresh green foliage waves me on my way

Soft tendrils brush away  the little knots that appeared during the day

and the last rays of sunshine illuminate the trunk of a tree
reminding me
to come back to my centre.

Dappled skies show that a change could be expected

yet on the other side, the innocent pink and blue sky enhances the clear-cut  silhouette
of a tree 
and gives me another point of view.

Do you like to unwind in nature at the end of your day?
It helps me let go of all that has passed
and brings me back into the moment
I am actually living.

Street Photography

Colour coordination
Red is the colour of the day!

Are my cuffs in the right place?

Happy moments on the lakeside path

Devoted daddy with his little babes
and a silver-haired couple seeking a spot in the shade.

Reading the menu

"Mummy! I've chosen my ice-cream!"

This is the life!
A sunny terrace and the time to enjoy it!

Sharing a moment

When time stands still...

What is he writing?

Expressing himself

Quiet contemplation.

It's quite an honour to enter into other people's lives through photography.
A connection is felt and I feel closer to their life stories
as if I am part of their world
which I am.

Using my 50mm lens to capture these candid shots.


When pansies become a painting

 and where the wind whispers its impressions to soft and dreamy yellow daisies

Tiny speckled flowers fade in and out of their smudged background
like the breath of a flower fairy

When flowers and crocheted Mandalas blend together and connect

and a chalice of petals reaches up to brush the circle of life

A soft blanket cascades down to meet with a single flower

and all becomes muted and mingled and each object becomes part of another 
as they dance together in joyful abandon.

The discovery
of the 50mm lens
how it connects to all it sees
with a paintbrush dipped in watercolours.

I've just finished a very uplifting class
with Kim Manley Ort