Day 22 - Gardening

A Gentian plant was missing on my balcony
I was happy to find it at the market yesterday.

It goes so well with the Edelweiss flowers that I already had.
Two mountain plants together.

This morning,
my walk took me up into the neighbourhood above mine
and I bought a beautiful bright Begonia plant
for the end of my balcony near the kitchen.

I had originally seen a deep pink one I liked 
but it had been sold.
This is a welcome flash of colour!

There's still some planting to do
of aromatic plants:
Basil and Lemon Verbena.

It's been a good day and the temperatures were perfect to do some gardening!


  1. Gorgeous! I hope you post a photo of your balcony in all its blooming glory. I've never seen Edelweiss in person; it looks like felt. Does it have a scent?

  2. Thank you, Susan. Yes, Edelweiss flowers do look as if they are cut out of felt! The petals are very soft to the touch. I've never noticed a scent to the flowers, but maybe in their natural environment in the mountains they do have a slight perfume. They are protected flowers and people are not allowed to pick them. This one was grown in a nursery and sold at the market. More flowers from my balcony coming soon!

  3. When the boys and I still lived in town on our own, we only had a balcony and this one was laden with plants too. From peralgonia to tagetes, from thyme to tomatoes... I haven't got much of a green thumb, but I cannot do without plants and flowers...

    1. Balconies are great places to decorate with plants and flowers. I even have a little herb garden and no backache from bending down over flowerbeds or turning the earth!I wouldn't be without my lovely balcony! I also eat all meals outside among my flowers!

  4. Mmmmm - Lemon verbena and Basil I can just smell them now. I've grown lots of basil this year, including a cinnamon basil (which was DELICIOUS).

    WOW - I've NEVER seen Edelweiss before. What a wonderful and amazing looking plant. I just want to stroke it as it looks like it will feel soft to the touch! Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Edelweiss is quite an astonishing little plant and it is soft to the touch. It almost looks like felted wool! Your cinnamon basil sounds lovely. I bought a new type this year too which seems to grow very tall with darker than usual leaves and has a stronger taste. I love making herb drinks out of lemon verbena. I have some drying on a tray right now.

  6. These are all so pretty.
    The gentian grow wild in our mountains.
    Edelweiss I have never seen in person. Maybe some day.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. The Gentian and Edelweiss both grow wild in the mountains here also, but I was really happy to have found them both that were grown in a nursery for town folks like me!

  7. Such pretty flowers! I remember reading on your blog about Edelweiss and seeing your photos last summer. It is such a pretty flower, looks so soft and makes me want to touch it!

    1. Yes, you're right. Edelweiss is very soft to the touch and is a protected flower in the mountains!