Day 14 - Breakfast Treat

I simply love market days on Wednesdays and Saturdays
in the city of Lausanne.
Not only is the choice of fresh produce just amazing,
but going downtown on market days is a wonderful excuse to have breakfast out.
Do you have breakfast out sometimes?

I love to go upstairs in the Coccinelle Café.
There's a great view down onto the busier side of the café and it's less crowded.

I just know that all of you would like to see the delicious things they serve:
Escargots (raisin buns with a touch of vanilla pastry cream)
Torsades aux pépites de chocolat (Chocolate Chip Twisted pastry)
Apple Turnovers
Almond Pastries.

This morning, I had an escargot (my favourite) and a peppermint tea in an adorable

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.
It's very hot and heavy here and thunderstorms are on their way.
Luckily there is excellent tennis at Wimbledon to watch on TV!


  1. Mmm mmm looks yummy! I just know you savoured your cafe breakfast in the city.


    1. Yes, I did, Sarn. It's a special treat!

  2. I would have such a hard time deciding what I would eat!! They all look delicious.

    1. Yes, they are all delicious, but I do have my favourite which I usually choose!