Where are you going?

In the city, high above the houses,

there seemed to be flutterings and whisperings...

was it birds flying above?

or angels?

or ethereal beings?

They constantly changed colour

against an inky black sky.

They all seemed to be moving forward in the same direction.

They were so beautiful, like something from another world.

"Where are you going?" I said.

"Follow me!"
said an imposing figure with a kindly voice.
"Is it far from here?" I asked.
"About five days, as the crow flies", he replied.
"But where?" I asked once again.

"Why, we're going to Christmas of course!
"Won't you join us?"
"Yes, I will", I said.

Sculptures by French artist: Cédric Verdure.
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Come Fly with Me!

Sky gazing
Seeing anything I choose to see...
like modern art

or tiny galloping clouds gathering momentum
as they roll and slide to an unknown destination.

A mighty-winged bird in full flight

Wavelets rushing towards the shores of infinity

Filling the frame as they hurry by

I'm swept along on their swirling energy.

Hold tight
enjoy the ride!