Bringing Hygge into My Home

Having seen the unusual word of "Hygge" here and there,
I wanted to find out more about it!
Hygge pronounced 'hue-ga' is a Danish term defining
cosiness or snug.
The word derives from a 16th century Norwegian term: 'hugga'
meaning well-being or comforting.
One could say that it reminds us of the English word 'hug'.

Don't you love this little window belonging to the wooden house in the first photo?
It's a candle-holder, a Christmas present from my grandson.
Let's peep through the window and see what's happening in my home!

I always have candles burning during these darker, colder months of the year
especially at the breakfast table and in my living room.

One sure way of making a home feel like home is through cooking
aromatic, colourful and delicious dishes.
Colour and texture are so important, just as much as taste.
These ingredients are going to prepare the dish below.

Roasted carrots and orange, or mandarin slices, tossed in a little olive oil
and flavoured with chile and a little sea salt.
You may like the recipe HERE

Baking too creates the sort of atmosphere that feels homely and snug
when it's cold outside.

Did I really put that much chocolate in these still warm cookies?
Hmmm! I must have done because they were rather
finger-licking good!

Crochet is a hobby that I'm really quite passionate about.
It could be anything I feel like doing: a shawl, a cushion cover, flowers and garlands and perhaps a blanket.

and a front door wreath to welcome my visitors
 and when I come home, it welcomes me too!
I have different wreaths for different seasons.

So however you like to create your own cosy atmosphere, 
remember the things which make us feel good
those that nourish us body and soul!
We learn to appreciate the small joys in life with very little effort.

Slowing down creates a feeling of well-being
and allows us to use all our senses incuding
the diffusion of pure essential oils

Light a candle, put on some favourite music. Something soft and gentle.
The uplifting effect of good quality music is well-known.
One of my favourites is Mozart.

So let's settle in on our couch with our feet on a footstool 
preferably wearing a comfortable lounge-wear outfit,
some thick socks and a hot drink.
Don't you love the robin mug?
It's an appreciated present from my daughter.

For those of us living in apartments and not having the possibility
of lighting a log fire, 
the presence of flickering candles in our home is quite perfect!

I've just ordered this book. 
Isn't the cover charming?
I have heard that the Danish people are some of the happiest people
in the world!

Wishing you hyggeligt (hygge-like) moments in your life!
Turn off you phone
Switch off the computer
Take a good book instead of watching TV
and come back to the simpler life
and feeling snug again!

Happiness is a frame of mind
but we can give it a slight nudge by making a few little tweaks
around our homes to make us feel good.
Others will love it too and feel so welcome when they drop by!


Hygge translations:
English: cosiness, snug, comfortable, to feel cherished
French: douillet, confortable
German: Gemutlichkeit.


Full of promise

Such elegant lines


Daintiness against the light

Pure petal poetry

Beauty in every detail

and from all angles.

in Greek 'amarysso'
means sparkling.

A flower name poetically used to mean
'a simple shepherdess or country girl'
A name often given to country girls in classic literary works
of Virgil and Ovid.

Every year before Christmas,
I choose one, sometimes two, beautiful Amaryllis bulbs
to flower in my home.
So far, this particular colouring, which flowered
for over a month on two stems, is my favourite.

A Life Well Remembered: A Story

When I was twelve and my brother six, my mother left to make a new life for herself,
without us.
My father became a single parent.
Every day of my adult life, I am thankful that my brother and I were brought up by my dad.
It wasn't always easy, especially during our teen years,
but dad did his best to be the best dad he could be.

I consider myself lucky as I have inherited my dad's positive and upbeat attitude,
his love and enthusiasm for life and his caring nature.
Dad was full of fun and was always there for me when I needed him.
When I became a mother to three lovely children, 
I realized the true value of my dad's upbringing.

There isn't a day goes by when I don't think of the father I was given,
how lucky I was and how I shall always be truly thankful.
I'll never forget all he did for me 
and I'll never forget that smile of his
and his wonderful twinkling blue eyes.

Two photos of Dad, a book of poems he gave to me,
his Parker fountain pen, which I still use,
and a handkerchief with his initial, J for John, which he once left when he came to stay
and which I laundered and kept in memory of him.
His writing in a birthday card he sent to me.


Joining Sarah at Paisley Rain Boots and Lee at Sea Blue Lens
for Scene & Story

Happy New Year 2017!

On this first day of the New Year
I wish you Beauty

Confidence in what lies ahead
even when it's still shrouded in mystery

May there always be a light shining in the darkness, 
however small.

the sun also sets on the most difficult of days.

and a new day dawns at the break of day
which brings us all a new beginning.

Discover new paths
even when they go uphill
those are the most rewarding!

Delight in the sparkles that come our way

and take the time to linger as glorious colours and patterns
enter into our line of vision.

Let the light come into our homes and into our hearts

Remaining supple when the wind suddenly changes direction
Unexpected happenings in life allow us to really see the essential
and invite us to change our priorities and adapt.
We learn resilience.

But most of all,
just love life and it loves you right back!


Not only is a new year a total mystery, but it is also full of new energy
waiting to carry us forward to new adventures.
Let's live them!

Wishing you all a New Year full of peace in your hearts
and the capacity to rejoice in all the little and wonderful instances
that are given along the way.